Odoo has done a splendid job on web platforms to date. It is always emerging with new features and advanced technology. It has created a sorted management system for a number of business companies. It comes among the best open source ERP platforms in the industry. And now in its latest version Odoo 12, it has taken a dig into the mobile world by launching the Odoo Mobile Application for both Android and iOS devices.

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In today’s world, people want everything done on their fingertips. They need every facility on their smartphones whether it is work, entertainment, food, or anything else. So, to walk hand in hand with this new advanced generation, Odoo has launched its own mobile application which helps the entrepreneurs to manage their business perfectly through their phones. It comes with all the features as in Odoo web application. Apart from that, it also boasts some specific Odoo Mobile features that can help the user to accomplish all their tasks through easily their phones.

For an example, if you want to deliver a parcel to the customer and the delivery charges are measured according to the distance of the customer through the warehouse, then just click on the start button while leaving from the warehouse and click the stop button of the application after reaching to the customer. The Odoo mobile application will automatically count the charges based on the kilometers you traveled to reach the customer. The application also helps in barcode scan of the product in order to update the current status of that product.
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Similarly, the Odoo mobile application has many such features that can help the business owners to manage their business on the go with ease. It has provided the facility of flexible business to the owners. Let us now have a look at some of the accentuated features of the Odoo ERP Mobile Application.

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So, after looking at these astonishing features of Odoo 12 Mobile Application. If you want to develop one for your company, the Odoo experts at Caret IT will definitely help you in developing a customized Odoo mobile application for your business. We create the native Odoo application for both Android and iOS platforms. We assure you with an instinctive experience of using the application with a smart design and engaging user interface.

You can also connect with us for other queries related to Odoo. We offer Odoo development, implementation, and customization services for all types and sizes of business. Our team is always eager to help you out in your business-related queries. Connect with us and upgrade your business management program to the next level.
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