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Nowadays, as 10 years Challenge trending on Market, So here some glimpse of How Odoo(OpenERP) Improved a lot in 10 years from TinyERP to OpenERP and Now Top Trending Open Source ERP Odoo.

Around in 2009, TinyERP (OpenERP) near to put his foot in Market,  and just launched it's new version OpenERP 5.0  in April 2009 to make it's one more step ahead in the world of ERP.

Let's start with beginning so the readers who heard the word OpenERP first time they can understand it easily.  

  • The next release of TinyERP comes up with a new change (Important change) is that the name TinyERP was changed to OpenERP after 3 years in 2009. The version was still continued with new name OpenERP and it was released as OpenERP 5.0.

  • In 2014, the name Odoo (On Demand Open Object) was first used in the version, Odoo 8.0.

    After this release Odoo continuously releasing the new version in the October month every year. Currently, Odoo has 12.0 as the latest version and provides official support till Odoo 10.0. So, we try to accept's and describe the 10-year challenge for Odoo.

                              Before 10 years, Odoo is known as the OpenERP and had OpenERP 5.0 as the latest version. Below is the comparison of OpenERP 5.0 to the latest version Odoo 12.0

                              Improvement Area
                              OpenERP V5.0Odoo V12.0
                              What’s New
                              TinyERP change name from TinyERP to OpenERP around in April 2009 with its new version OpenERP 5.0.
                              Today Odoo has:
                              1. Document Management module for storing,                       uploading documents.
                              2. Adds IoT-devices module to support and connect every device to Odoo using Odoo’s IOT Box.
                              3. Odoo adds multi-website support.
                              4. Keyboard shortcuts accessible 5) Odoo chatbot to automatic replying using Artificial Intelligence.
                              5. Support for right to left languages.
                              6. Clean  Mobile and web responsive UI
                              7. Enhanced features with Odoo Studio, CMS,                         Documents, Online Accounting
                              Usability & ProductivitySlower Performance compares to a newer version, Need to scroll for searching or Navigate operations.
                              Today Odoo has 3X faster User Interface.
                                 Easy Shortcut access for menus.
                                 Drag and drop support for document management.
                                 Odoo has a clean design, new theme, new views, and layouts.
                                VersionsOpenERP 5.0
                              Odoo 12.0 Community Edition,
                              Odoo 12.0 Enterprise Edition.
                              Technical Improvements
                              GTK Client Base UI
                              Clean Web and Mobile Responsive UI

                              Support Older Python versions 
                              Support Latest  Python 3 versions
                              Old fashioned API structure and bit complex coding methodsNew And Simple API and coding structure.

                              Key Highlights

                              1. The OpenERP 5.0, Needs GTK  Web Client to run the application.
                              2. OpenERP did not have a dashboard view, in detail analytical view.
                              3. OpenERP had limited accounting features

                              1. Built-in web interface, not need an external client.
                              2. Odoo has a new Dashboard view new analytical functionalities.
                              3. Odoo 12 has advanced accounting and also has online accounting. we can integrate external accounting software's to Odoo and management accounting.
                               App List Limited apps with core functionalitiesVery strong lists of Potential apps. 
                              Under Software License
                              1. GPL V3.0
                              2. OpenERP Web Client License 
                              1. The community is under new LGPLv3
                              2. Enterprise Edition is licensed under the Odoo                   Enterprise Edition License v1.0
                              3. Odoo Apps by Odoo SA (including the website                   themes) are published under the Odoo Proprietary         License v1.0
                              Android & IOS Apps
                              Not Support for Android & iOS Apps
                              Support for Android & iOS Apps
                              Odoo image and text block

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