Odoo has always brought something innovative for the retail industry in its newer versions. There are multiple modules in Odoo systems that are designed particularly for the retail industries. These modules cover all the major departments of any retail business and help the retailers to reach out to their customers easily.
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Like the previous versions, this time Odoo 13 also has so many things to offer to the retail industries. It has tried to cover almost all the necessary demands or requirements of the retail stores. The Odoo officials have given a glimpse of the new elements to be incorporated for the retail industry through a roadmap


The Odoo 13 has brought a satisfactory experience of using fully aimed E-commerce website for the retailers. It has improved the multiple features right from the front layout to the background management that can help the store owners to create an excellent E-commerce website touch, enhancing the user experience of a customer.
It covers major features like a mega menu with building blocks to showcase products easily, product search in navigation bar, new designs for shopping page with hover effects, extra images with the same size as of the main image, confirmation email for online orders and new payment options integration.

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 Easy Shopping Configuration

The new features by Odoo 13 for retail industry will definitely enhance the shopping experience of the users. The customers of any retail store will come across to some most effortless shopping features that they will love to visit the store again and again.

These attributes include easy ordering of product variants, reset the complete product ordering, single-click activation of payment gateways, a fully customized newsletter popup and a recovery email with marketing message automation.

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And much more..

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i.e: The integration with large e-commerce platforms like eBay and Amazon will also help the retailers to showcase their products through these sites.
Also, the store owners will be able to add the product variants in the backend batch from a matrix in sales and purchase orders enterprise.

Various Product Promotional Options
Number of building blocks for Attractive website & E-Commerce

So, these were some new features that will come with Odoo 13 for the retail industry.  Apart from these, Odoo 13 is arriving with a lot of new technologies blended with it that will help to enhance any kind of business for the owners. The merger of new technologies and Odoo ERP is going to bring a big revolution in the ERP industry.

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