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Odoo is one of the fastest growing open ERP framework used by numerous business enterprises to plan and enhance their business. There are more than 10,000 applications in Odoo App store for the users. Out of which 86% of apps are open source and are freely available to everyone. These apps offer basic Odoo features to its users. And the rest 14% of apps are chargeable because of the unique features it possesses.

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Odoo Appstore or Marketplace has applications for every field. They serve industries like Medical, Education, food, manufacturing, trading, etc. These apps help you to manage your business in a perfect way. It takes care of so many attributes of any business like accounting, POS, inventory management, project management, E-commerce and much more. You can run your complete business by integrating Odoo ERP framework to your system.

According to Odoo Apps Statistics for last the 30 days, the Odoo e-commerce apps have been rated as the best seller apps,  There are many more apps and companies contributing in expanding the Odoo culture throughout the market. They design and create applications with some unique and innovative features and make it available for Odoo users whether chargeable or free.

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Also, there are companies who help you to create a customized system for you according to your business requirements. They may utilize the existing apps at Odoo Marketplace or create the new one especially for you. In short, they will help in building a completely personalized Odoo open ERP system according to your business requirements.

Caret IT is one of them. You can take guidance from Caret IT for installation of Odoo Applications on your website. We will help you create or modify the Odoo ERP modules or apps according to your business requirements and install it on your website.

Caret IT is an Official Odoo Partner and is practicing Odoo for a couple of years now. We have expertise in Odoo implementation and can help you out in any type of Odoo queries. We have also created the generalized Odoo apps like POS mobile view, Open Many to Many tag record, and SO PO Reference on Move and move lines. You can download them from Odoo Marketplace and use in your system.
So what are you waiting for? Hurry up, connect with us and create your own personalized Odoo ERP system with all the mandatory features in it according to your requirements and take your online business to the next level.
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Contact us to Implement most Trending Open source Odoo ERP with High quality and reasonable cost, For more details write to us. 

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