The latest version of Odoo is on its way to launch. It is soon going to be unveiled among the users in the coming October 2019. The upcoming version, Odoo v13, is expected to be introduced with numerous features to amplify the business quality to the next level.

It is definitely going to 
maximize business productivity and improve the service experience for the users.

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According to the Roadmap issued last year in Odoo Experience 2018, the key points of Odoo version 13 have created a lot of buzz in the market. Everybody is talking about the newest structure of Odoo and its profit to the users.

The features like the Internet of Things, Track Positions, Odoo Bank, OCR, etc. are already heating up the newsfeed.  

Today in this blog we are going to talk about the feature Track Positions of Odoo v13. The newest version of Odoo is said to be having the probability of adding the live tracking of fleets or stocks in it.

That means the store owners will now be able to track the current location of their stocks in the warehouse and have a way to manage them properly.

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The Track Positions are going to be a really promising characteristic of Odoo v13. The live tracking of products would be very beneficial for store owners in many ways.

It will help them with maintaining the stock, avoiding misplacement of products, finding stocks in minutes, and much more. Hence, this results in the enhancement of the product management skills of the store owner.


Odoo is using the Internet of Things Technology for implementing the Track Positions feature in its latest version. Also looking at other key points of Odoo v13 roadmap, it seems like Odoo is all set to launch a complete package of new technologies for the users.

It has raised the standards high for the users of Open ERP system and is working hard to offer all the high-level amenities to enhance their business at a swift pace.
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Being an official Odoo ERP Partner, Caret IT is all set to welcome these new innovations of Odoo in Odoo v13. We are eagerly waiting to implement all these features to the existing Odoo ERP systems of our clients and help them in raising their business standards to the next level.

Connect with us to get more details about the new version of Odoo. We are always there to guide and help you with up-to-mark advice for all your queries related to Odoo, its implementation, and customization
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