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Odoo V7 to Odoo v12 Community Migration  How?

10 key points to be considered.

Odoo (OpenERP) version migration is the method of keeping your business with latest upgraded Odoo version. As we know Odoo continue Improving itself now stable OpenSource ERP with v12. So Obvious when we have to migrate old OpenERP version to latest Odoo 12, it has lots of changes and possible challenges are there.  As being leading Odoo Migration service provider and Odoo consulting company, we have to accept the challenge and migrate customers every single data with proper compatibility with Odoo v12 Community. At Caret IT,  we recently migrated one of our client’s OpenERP v7 to Odoo v12 Community Data migration and custom module migration successfully. During this migration process, we have faced some challenges and here overview of major changes and possible solutions for the scenario.


 1. Latest Updates:

You can get more optimized and productive results with the latest version of Odoo. It makes the system more responsive.

2. Supplementary Speed:

You can always get a more faster and simpler version of Odoo after updating. With such a great speed the productivity of your company will definitely reach to peak.

3. Better Features:

Odoo always comes up with new and better features with version updations. The accounting features are also getting better with each new version.

4. Improved UI:

The interface of Odoo gets better with every version. You can always get more features and functionalities that simplifies your work.

5. Tailored CRM Modules:

The CRM modules also get improved and modified with updation of each version.

Major changes which must be taken into consideration while migrating data: 

  1. Users Security Groups: Many Users Groups are changed from OpenERP v7 to Odoo v12 so need to proper map with v12.
  2. Chart of Account Mapping: As from v7 to v12, Map Chart of accounts, and hierarchy of accounts as this concept of parent-child relationship in COA are changed.
  3. Payment Terms: In Latest Odoo v12 Community, the last line of payment term should be Balance type, while in the and version it’s not compulsory.
  4. Warehouse and Locations: Also challenges with Multi-warehouse creation and Location assignment. eg; in v12 while creation warehouse system auto creates input, output, stock location etc.
  5. Sequences and ordering: While Migrate Transactional Data, map and set sequences of orders.
  6. Track of historical ID: Also, keep tracking of Old Id of records and store it in v12, because mapping record by record between two versions it will really help.
  7. As OpenERP have procurement method on Products while in Odoo 12 have routes on products. So have to take care and Map proper procurement method with proper routes.
  8. As we Model name changed for Unite of Measure (UoM), so have to map it properly while migrating related data.
  9. Bill of Material (BoM): In OpenERP 7  technically BOM and its component shared same database table. Bom and component managed by a parent-child relationship with the same database table. But in Odoo 12 it has different database module. So instead of parent-child relationship, here with v12, we have to migrate data in BoM and BoM Line object.
  10. Traceability: OpenERP 7 has upstream and downstream for Lot traceability while with v12 only traceability button to see traceability. So Achieve this functionality as it is Same database table relationship created in Odoo 12.
After that do necessary changes in migration script and upgrade it with the latest database. Possible there is customization related changes are according to the old system. Here given points are for generic references.

Now, being a regular user of Odoo, you might know that you will need a dedicated Odoo developers team to migrate your current Odoo system to latest upgraded version. We own a squad of talented and experienced Odoo developers who knows every single detail about Odoo. They will modify the whole system to the newer version without any complications. You can hire our developers who will work dedicatedly for the migration or modification of your Odoo software.

Our goal is to help our clients by providing them the best services. With the migration to the new Odoo version, we assure our clients with better ways of managing the business and improve the productivity of the company. Hence, increasing the revenue generation of the company.

You can contact us anytime. We are always there to help and support you with the best business advice. Connect with us and make your business experience better.


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