How Project Management is used in any Business?

Odoo project management provides basic functionalities related to handling multiple projects in any business. Project management automates the process of managing raw materials, products, and supply lines. It ensures real-time tracking and organizing of projects. 

Project management is a time-saving tool that can give us a visual overview of all projects. Odoo project management provides functionalities to manage multiple projects. Odoo project and resource management provide graphical charts, Gantt charts, etc to analyze the progress of tasks and projects.

Features of Odoo Project Management

Improved User Interface: A user interface designed for modern project management. It provides all the necessary information required for the project and tasks.

Filters and Groups: It provides smart filters to search for tasks easily. Users can analyze data with multi-level grouping. 

Kanban View: Businesses can drag and drop tasks easily with the kanban view. They can change the meaning of tasks/issues and create specific stages per project. Businesses can define the process through custom tools- tips for each stage and even create tasks from the sales order. 

Gantt Chart: Users can manage tasks on a timeline with the Gantt chart view. It is easy for users to track deadlines and timeline progress.

Multi-project: Users can work on multiple projects at the same time. They can even perform multi-project searches and analyses.

Email Integration: Odoo project management enables businesses to communicate with existing and potential customers via email. They can get full visibility as all the information is attached to the issue. 

Automate Actions: Businesses can use triggers to send automatic emails on different statuses including customer satisfaction surveys and confirmation of tickets. 

Forecasts: Users can forecast projects and resource easily from the Gantt chart taking employee leaves into account.

Dashboard: Users can use predefined dashboards or build their own using the advanced reporting engine. 

Project Overview: Users can get important information on their project at a glance: billable hours, time forecasted and time spent.

Project Management Dashboard

Users can view all the Project details and tasks created on projects from the dashboard. 

Project Tasks 

Users can manage tasks project-wise and also view the status of the tasks.

Task Creation

Users can create a task with a timesheet and description and customer details.

Activity Type

We can create a different activity type with different types.


Kanban view that displays All Future Schedules

Task Allocation

it displays all History tasks from today with available resources tasks and resources on leave task.

Resource Availability Report

A report shows resource availability for the current week, next week, the current month, next month, or a user can see based on a custom date.

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