Are you in Rental business? Here is best rental ERP software for you!

Rental Management with Odoo13- A Complete suite with CRM, Accounting, Reservation Management

The new rental app is available only in the enterprise version. The Rental app can easily manage rental products, rental orders, rental contracts, incoming receipts, outgoing delivery, receive payments, communicate about maintenance issues, share documents an easy and efficient way.


Rental ➤ Configuration ➤ Settings

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  • Allow Sales Manager to create Rental Products.

  • Allow product stock availability on website shop for rental products.

  • Allow the Sales team to confirm rental orders.

  • Allowed Sales team to create Invoices and recurring invoices.

  • Sales Manager can manage various Rental duration like days, Months, Years, etc.

  • Rental product agreement for each rental product

  • Digital document feature for customer

  • New products have to be created and when we want to rent some of the products, we can simply tick a checkbox that says it can be rented.

Create a Rental Product

Rental ➤ Product

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Create a Rental Order

Rental ➤ Order

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Based on the duration the price will automatically be calculated and filled in the form.

When we confirmed the rental order if the product will available so it will become reserved.

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 When we click on the pick-up Pickup label will display on the screen.  

Schedule Rental

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 We can see all rentals schedule by Day, Week, Month and Year. 

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After the scheduled time period of rental is over and the customer has returned the product back to the vendor, a new popup validates return can be filled and we can see the Returned label on the screen.  

If it is dealy, so the delay charges are applicable which can be imposed upon the customer. We can do it by per hour basis or per-day basis.  

Rental Analysis Report

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