In the Clothing and Apparel industry, Odoo is in high demand because of the simplicity of accessing all functions from a simple single dashboard, which can be accessed both on (online) websites and via a mobile app. The clothing sector has lots of variety to offer, and there are different types and colors of clothes with respect to different cultures and seasons. This complex nature of the clothing industry makes it a hassle for small retailers to take care of the costs, profits, sales, taxes, and invoices in an efficient manner.

The odoo app for the Rag Trade or Fashion Industry will deal with maximizing your sales and profits, raw-material quality assurance, integration of databases for effective customer management, and production control and inventory procedures. Clearly, we say how the Odoo ERP can play a pivotal role in clothing and garment manufacturing management firms. Read on to learn more.

Inventory Management

Odoo inventory management simplifies the process of managing and tracking stock levels, leading to better productivity. It enables inventory teams to efficiently manage all essential tasks.

Product Creation

Product Category

Users can easily categorize products in Odoo using the product category.

Purchase Management

Purchase Order

A purchase order is a commercial document that is issued by a buyer to the seller which indicates the price of the products or services.

Receipt Note


Vendor Bill

Sales Management

Sales Order

Delivery Note

Sales Invoice

Manufacturing Management

Work Centers Overview



Bills of Materials


Manufacturing order

Manufacturing order created from sales order

Cost Analysis details after completing the Manufacturing order.


Work Centers


Manufacturing Order Calendar

Work Orders Planning


Work order planning by work center


If you have questions about how to use Odoo ERP for clothing and Apparel Industry management in your business, Caret IT feels happy to answer them and help you.

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