Main Features

                                      Set Product Discount using Coupon and Promotion.

                                      Create a Coupon.

                                      Set Reward-line on Product.

                                      • Discount.

                                      • Free Product.

                                      • Free Shipping.

                                      Set Validity Of Discount.

                                      Set When Discount is Apply.

                                      • On Order.

                                      • On Cheapest Product.

                                      • On Specific Product.

                                      Customers love discount coupons! One of the most important Sales strategies is to incentivize hesitant shoppers with promotional offers so that they turn into your customers and your customers turn into your repeat customers. Here Odoo presents a new tool named Promotion Programs  which helps the end user to create the promotion for their products as per the current needs. Odoo Promotional programs can be used as a marketing tool where you can target the specific audience and can implement the loyalty program. It is an enterprise feature.

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                                      Create Coupon Field Description

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                                      Odoo Coupons are used to generate limited discounts. A coupon is a one-time use code that will generate the discount for the customers. 

                                      In promotion programs, there are different fields

                                      • Program Name: The name for the promotion program

                                      • Conditions:

                                        • Based on customers

                                          • This coupon program will be applied to the selected customers only.

                                          • We can filter the customers according to the need.

                                          • By default, all the customer records will be taken

                                        • Based on Products

                                          • On purchase of this selected products rewards will be given.

                                          • We can filter products according to our need.

                                          • By default, all products records that can be sold will be taken.

                                        • Quantity

                                          •  Minimum required product quantity to get rewarded

                                        • Minimum purchase Of

                                          • Minimum required the amount to get rewarded

                                        • Promo code Usage

                                          • Automatically Applied: No code is required. If the rule is met, the reward is applied(Except global discount)

                                          • Use code: If the program rule is met the valid code needs to add the reward.

                                        • Rewards

                                          • Applicability

                                            • Apply on current order: A reward will be applied on current order.

                                            • Apply on next order: Generate a coupon for the next order.

                                          • Reward

                                            • Discount: The reward will be given as a discount

                                              • Apply discount: give the discount on two methods Percentage

                                                Amount: Fixed amount discount will be provided

                                              • Discount Apply on

                                                • order: Discount will be given on the whole order

                                                • cheapest product: Discount on the cheapest product on the order

                                                • specific Product

                                            • Free product

                                              • The reward will be given as the product

                                      • Validity

                                        • Apply On: Maximum number of sales orders in which reward can be applied

                                        • Start date & End date: Coupon program start date  and end date

                                      Create a Coupon Configuration

                                      When a user creates a coupon they have to set condition.

                                      In this Odoo Coupon we have set the condition is the product is can be sold and its quantity is must be 5.

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                                      Set Reward Line  Product On Discount

                                      Here we configure the product is can be purchased. The product type is Storable Product and Product Category is all.

                                      Means this discount is applied when the product is can be purchased and its quantity is 5.  Doesn't matter which category it belongs to.


                                      We select a product which is storable product and can be purchased is true.

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                                      Product On Shop

                                      Add to cart the product and set its quantity 5.

                                      The user can see the discount applied on Drawer Black product with 5 Quantity.

                                      Related Sale order

                                      Sale order of the product Contains the discount information.

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