ERP and Its Impact on growing market like India

Since 1970, ERP is growing each year. The growing rate of ERP in the marketplace is nearly 30% each year. because

  • In ERP,  you will discover the good inventory control system. With the stock control system, you may add and records of raw material, work in process and finished goods within the database from anywhere. you can track the information on stock availability.

  • In ERP, both manufacturing department and sales department are inter-connected. when the production department tracks the demand from the sale department, it can easily produce the goods without any delay. 

  • In ERP, developers see all the information together, they get a better idea to create new development. ERP also has online software while they'll develop its update, it will be useful for enterprise and working team to expand new product which increases the profit and decrease the losses.

  • ERP structures support distinctive languages and currencies. multiple currencies support will be helpful to do worldwide business.

  • The report further clarifies that producers in Indian business is more and more implementing ERP solutions to ensure that decision maker have the required information visibility across the value chain.

  • The number of employees using the ERP system is increasing and the ERP customers who have started with the simple modules are going for subsequent applications.

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