Odoo 12 - A letest version of Odoo ERP

Odoo 12 Features

        User creation

        User Type: Select user type as Internal, Portal or Public User.


        Option to select which company validate SO and create PO for which company.

        Postal Printing

        Postal Printing option available in General settings which are used for layout and color option

        Sales Order Line

        New field added for section and notes. In the section we can add Section for product type like Product, Service etc. which kind of product we selected and differ it section wise.

        Send Letter 

        Send Letter option available in sales order which is used to send a letter to our customer with docs way (Docsway configuration needed)

        Sales Invoice Payment 

        At the time of invoice, payment journal shows all account like authorised.net, Buckaroo, Paypal etc.

        Point of sale

        There is two separate session display in POS for Shop and Bar in Odoo 12.


        • A user can add serial number image at the time of work order Process

        • Finish steps tab added in work order which is defined step by step process with date and operator


        There are so many new products are included in Odoo 12.

        Automatic Email at Invoice

        Send the product-specific email after paid invoice in Odoo 12.

        Re-Invoice Policy

        Use for customer projects if it activated the validated expense is added to the sales order linked to the analytic account.

        New Related Field

        Refers to the account dashboard onboarding panel closed date.


        Use this assistant to replenish your stock. Depending on your product configuration, launching a replenishment may trigger a request for quotation, a manufacturing order or a transfer.


        Generate Simulation Link 

        It will store details of employee car and model given by the company.

        Employee Contract 

        There are so many new fields added in employee contract other than monthly wages in Monthly Advantages in Cash such as Fuel Card, Meal Voucher, Representation Fees, Vouchers other benefits etc.

        Salary Rule Category 

        New Salary Rule category added such as IP. Part., Reduction for special family charges, withholding tax grid 2018 etc.

        Salary rule

        There are so many new salary rules are added like mobile, Internet, car, family charges reduction, representation fees (these fields are added in a contract) etc.

        Contract Advantage Template

        Contract advance template is used for contract managing purpose i.e. Meal value, Internet, Mobile, Fuel card, Leave Duration, Representation fees etc.

        Accounting Dashboard

        A new look of Accounting dashboard in Odoo 12, Now user can add Bank account, Configure fiscal year, Review chart of account from Dashboard.

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