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Recruitment Process

In the Recruitment Process, there are many tools used on a daily basis like Leave, Fleet, Meetings, Job Positions, Applicants, Employees, Payroll, Contracts, Expenses, Appraisals.

Some might be in Excel the other might be in software and some might be in on paper.

Users need to use this on a daily basis and might it takes a lot of time.

All these Integration makes soon a nightmare

Another Tool in typical HR Departments is Contracts, Appraisals Forms, Leave approvals, Interview Reports which have a lot of paper to hang on.

Because they need a lot of people, they have other forms to filling like contacts, appraisals form, leave approval, Interview Reports, etc.. 

How Odoo Can Help

Odoo is fully Integrated and totally paperless so all the different tools we describe above there are integrated into Odoo. So, no more different tools to use just login to Odoo and you can manage your recruitment process easily

Odoo makes easy the recruitment process by ensuring the feasible HR Process. Here we have recruitment plugins related to HR. Officers or managers can create and launch various job positions for recruitment. For these positions users can manually apply or through the website. For that, we have to install an extra plugin named online jobs related to recruitment. This plugin actually provides the functionality to publish or unpublished the jobs. Each application through the web portal is recorded on the backend for further process.

Let's see how the user can configure the Recruitment process in Odoo ERP System.

Create Job Position

The user has to give the name of the Job Position.
If the user uses multi-website functionality in Odoo then the user must be select a website on which they would like to publish this job post otherwise it would consider all available websites.
The user has to select the department in which we are creating the current position, using the selection list.
Recruitment Responsible is usually will be department head or manager.
Expected New employees are a Total number of employees need to be recruited.

Odoo text and image block
Odoo image and text block

Smart Buttons on Job Position

The smart button on form corners will be populated according to each action done in the current position. 

Application: Represents a number of applicants applied for this job position.

Document: Number of a document attached to this job position like CV, contracts, etc..

Trackers: The user can use to see from which channel a candidate reply to the job position.

Employee:  Number of employees having those positions.

After that, a user can publish this job position on a website.

Publish job Position on website

A user can publish a job position on website and change look and feel using the Edit button.
It shows job position name, relevant location and description about the job position. Website visitors can see this job post and apply.
Odoo text and image block
Odoo image and text block

Apply on a job position

A website visitors can apply to the job position

A website visitors must and name, email, phone number and upload CV.

and submit the Job Application Form.

Submitting the form will create a back-end record which can be processed by department or person responsible for the selected recruitment.

The new application will be created on the backend for job position Odoo Developer and will be in the initial qualification stage.


Odoo CMS - a big picture

Super Easy, Just Drag & Drop Application Kanban for Recruitment Stages.

For more details about Hr Recruitment Process watch video

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Application Form view

Using the smart button- start the interview, users can answer the questionnaire related to the job position.

The uploaded resume will be shown when you click on a smart button document or under the attachments button above the header. By using the print interview button, responsible persons can verify the submitted answers.

Create Employee Button user can create the employee if the applicant successfully has gone through all stages defined for a job position.

If the recruitment is over, then using recruitment done button on dashboard we can stop the recruitment.


Odoo CMS - a big picture
Odoo CMS - a big picture

Better reporting for managers, they can easily analyze the recruitment process and also can be exported in to excel. And much more...
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