United 18

Odoo is an outstanding solution to help small companies grow their business. The inter-company feature helps you to buy and/or sell products and services between different branches within your conglomerate.

United 18 is Describes the functionality of multi-company in odoo. In this, we have achieved the goal of a parent company and child company relationship and flow.

In this, we will manage multi-company as goods sold from parent company to child company and from child company to customer. or direct selling from the parent company to the customer.

Sale, purchase, and inventory are also managed in this. 
Every company should have the following configuration:

  • Accounting

  • Warehouse

  • Stock Location

  • Taxes

  • User Access

  • Point of Sale


  • Check the Credit limit of every company on a particular action.

  • Special Reports for Sale order and Point of sale using specific filters.

  • Custom Backend Theme.

  • POS session close automatic.

  • Add new payment method in pos is called digital payment.

  • Old orders return from POS session.

  • Only available stock products show in POS.

  • POS receipt customization.

  • POS global discount in an amount.

  • POS receipt reprint option.

  • Order search by customer number and order number in POS.

  • Order process from the website makes easier.

  • Check product stock before order confirmation.

  • Taxes show in the order as per fiscal position configuration.

  • GST sale order report.

  • Create Purchase order from sale order.

  • Make product publish and unpublish from the product list view. 

  • Make an easy process for return product from inventory.

  • Product quantity transfer from one product to another product on a specific location. 

  • Payment calculation handle by sales payment and purchase payments.

  • SMS Notification.

  • Add short-cut keys.

  • When new user first-time login in the system, they get instruction on how to work with software.

  • If sale price change in a product then also change a price in sale order line if an order is not confirmed.

Working Flow of System

  • There is one Parent company who is Provide the Products and the rest of the child company is Purchase Product from that parent company same like the franchise and those child companies are sells that products to a customer.

  • The parent company also Sell Products direct to the end Users.

  • This Describes the Multi-company functionality in  odoo.