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NGOs are the non-profit organizations that are independent of government. They work for promoting the social and political changes in the society. They play a vital role in the development of a society and the improvement of communities. NGOs are generally non-profit entities but receive funding from various sources for the noble causes they implement. The NGO activities include environmental, social, advocacy and human rights. They are meant to help people or nation when they are in need. There are several NGO’s running these days in our country. Hence, running NGO is not so easy, you have to keep the records of funds coming to the trust and funds used for the cause of goodness. You need to manage the firm for the proper outcome and utilization of funds coming from outside.

Caret IT has created an Odoo software for NGO that can help you manage the system properly. We have developed a lot of features in our Odoo NGO system that accomplish all the aspects of managing an NGO firm. The main purpose of this project is to develop the modules to fulfill the needs of humanitarian NGOs. The requirement of the NGO include elements like logistics, order management, accounting, transportation, and distribution. The whole app is designed with an extraordinary user interface that is extremely user-friendly. The client’s facility is our first priority. We make sure that the user learns the working of the whole app in just one trial.

The modules of our NGO system includes:

The department module which keeps the record of all the departments handled under the particular NGO.

The purchase module keeps the track of daily income of the NGO in terms of funds they gather from various sources.

The sale module is to keep the record of utilization of money for various social causes.

The stock logistic module is to keep the track of goods carried for out for transportation.

The stock warehouse module keeps the record of all the goods available in the warehouse.

The finance module manages the accounting department of the firm which includes the donor’s information, donations, etc.

The Volunteer keeps the information like name, contact number, address, etc. about all the volunteers working with the NGO. 

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The functions like the creation of logistics requisitions, sourcing of logistics requisitions lines, management of cost estimates and logistics order and shipment management will be much easier than earlier with the use of this Odoo NGO system. Creation of this system is just a small step taken by Caret IT, to help these non-profit organizations in pursuing with noble causes and help more and more people with a proper management system. Our talented developers are still working for the betterment of the app by adding some more features to it.

If you are an NGO activist who is looking for the betterment of their organization with a proper management system then contact Caret IT team to help you out in the best possible way. We work passionately to serve the best products to our clients and even assure the lifetime maintenance facility to them.

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