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The healthcare module from Odoo is one of the important modules that helps the hospitals to manage their system effortlessly.

This module includes each and every basic aspect of hospital management systems like billing, purchases, inventory, patient, accounts, diseases and much more.

Caret IT has tried to cover all the aspects of hospital management into one single Open ERP software.

We take care of everything that comes under the act of hospital management.

You can say that we have crafted an online Hospital information and management system to meet the distinctive requirements of the healthcare industry.

We have created a computerized ERP model where any big hospital can connect with its child clinics or branches.

You can have access to any branch of your hospital and get information about it anytime and anywhere.

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What We Offer:

We can customize the whole system for you according to your requirements. 

Our Odoo experts can even add the functional modules as per your needs.

We have expertise in creating user-friendly, versatile, database driven and quickly installable hospital management ERP software.

We proffer the life support to your app in case of bug fixing or upgradation of the app. 

Some of the basic features of our healthcare management system are as follows: 

Create and manage appointments of patients

Add details of patients regarding their diseases, doctor they meet and some personal information.

Add the medicines provided to the patient

Maintain the nursing and discharge plan of a patient

The Hospital Management System is divided into several departments like patients, doctors, intensive care, laboratory, invoices, etc. Each department possesses different functionalities and features. Let’s have the look at the different features of different departments

Overall, we have a completely centralized system to provide the hassle less management of hospital system at very low cost. You can trust us and join our team for the creation of your customized hospital management software.

Contact us to Implement most Trending Open source Odoo ERP with High quality and reasonable cost, For more details write to us.

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