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Managing a Hotel or a Restaurant is really a tough task. You need to take care of customer every single second whether it is regarding their hygiene or comfort. You should always be ready for serving them at the best. For this, you need adequate staff and inventory who are consistently available for assistance of your customers. Though you have sufficient personnel and goods, using them at the perfect time and managing them efficiently is quite a sturdy business to do.

Caret IT has brought you the whole Hotel and Restaurant Management system in Odoo to serve your hospitality needs. With our expert team of Odoo developers, we have created both Hotel and Restaurant management systems that can bring an effective change in your business. These systems give you the power of managing the complicated business and take it to a commendable height. Let’s have a look at our both the systems and get the information about the features we have integrated with it for the facility of both customers and owners. 

With our Odoo hotel management system, you can get a centralized view for the availability of your workforce, merchandise, rooms, etc. in a single software. We have included the following features in our Hotel Management Services:

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An attractive room availability dashboard where you can get the information about all type rooms in terms of booking, under maintenance, availability, etc.

The booking of available rooms with pre-calculated prices according to the details of customers and the amenities they have opt for like transport, food, etc.

Excellent billing facility with all type of cards and e-wallets acceptance.

Included the whole restaurant management system for the in dine restaurant.

Online booking portal with automatic integration to the Odoo database.

A fully computerized laundry management system with linking of laundry bills in the final invoice.

Booking and management of banquet hall for organizing different functions.

The management of inventory to ensure less damage, loss, wastage and time delay.

Now moving to the Restaurant management system, we have brought the alteration in the orthodox restaurant management system. The new tailored system offers the complete management of restaurant including fine dining, table service, food service, and many other services for the comfort of clients and the growth of your business. Our Restaurant management system features various functionalities such as:

Perfect table management system for successful dining operations.

Systematic order placing via tablets and PCs.

Calculation of stock kept in the warehouse of the kitchen.

Proper distribution of work among manpower to avoid clashes.

Fully functional accounting module with the integrated billing system.

Efficient management of table reservations and a waiting list.

Integration of all type of payment methods like debit cards, credit cards, e-wallets, and of course cash.

Online portal for ordering from home and get delivery in evaluated time.

We have created a very simple and elegant design of the system where everything is at your reach on a single click.

We have also an organized the future table booking for customer’s ease.

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