pharma distributopn erp case study

Project Overview

The pharma distribution industry plays a critical role in bridging the gap between pharmaceutical manufacturers and end-users, ensuring the efficient flow of medicines.

With the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, the industry faces unique challenges driven by factors such as to tackle inventory tracking, actual vs system stock counting differences, online sales vs van distribution, medicines expiry date management, lack of real-time reporting to HQ, and managing multiple outlets from different platforms.

Let's explore how their strategic adoption of ERP software revolutionized pharma distribution operations and propelled them to new heights.


Pharma distribution industry services encompass a range of activities and functions aimed at efficiently and effectively delivering pharmaceutical products to various healthcare providers and end-users. These services include:

  • Distribution
  • Wholesale
  • Retail
  • Clinical Supply Chain Management
Pharma distribution erp software case study of implmenetation

How We Did It


Seamless Tracking with Barcode

Track inventory and stock using barcode technology, enabling accurate and efficient scanning, identification, and tracking of products throughout the supply chain.

Centralized Platform

A centralized software platform that enables managing multiple aspects of the distribution process, including inventory, orders, sales, invoicing, and reporting, from a single interface.

erp software case study for pharma healthcare distribution

Expiry Date Management

Effectively manage product expiration dates using features such as automated alerts, reminders, and reporting to ensure timely sales or disposition of products before they expire.

Multi-Location Outlet Handling

Efficiently manage and monitor multiple locations outlets with a comprehensive view of picking, and shipping of products, and real-time updates on order status.

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