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Where does Caret come from?

Caret has many meanings but what resonates with us is “Purity”. What is the meaning of solutions without quality with your customers, employees, partners, we try our best to have quality touch solutions as we set up on our journey to provide solutions from small industries to an enterprise with our technology interventions!

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Our Story!

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We are crazy about new technology and we passionately believe technology can improve life from an individual to an enterprise.

Having performed a number of client engagements across several dozen industries, our team has the people and processes you can rely on in a business technology partner. Get help finding, implementing and optimizing the right solution for your business.

At Caret we focus on digitalization with cutting edge end to End Cloud ERP – SaaS & Mobile App Integrations. We have carefully chosen world-class products like Odoo-OpenERP, ERPNext, and Zoho in a cloud, Android and iOS to offer seamless data exchange between ERP, tablet devices & SaaS apps. Which empowers one and all who embrace on the journey of using this technology.

Why we are Different

Multiple Services Offering

Caret has multiple services offerings and a wide breadth of industry experience to help you make an unbiased decision when it comes to your IT solutions.

We Care at Caret!

We don’t just simply sell and implement software. We partner with your company to ensure you continue to innovate your technology investment and grow your business on your current system or the next one.

We Value Your Time

We value your time and at any point, during the sales process, if we discover we are not a fit for your business, we’ll immediately stop and point you in the right direction.