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At the intersection of digital technology, human understanding ​, and industrial enterprise sense, we tend to orchestrate the digital transformation of companies that require to unleash their potential. 

We’re an ERP, E-commerce Mobile Application consulting SMEs focused India based IT Company. We’re a team of professionals, thinkers, strategists, doers & storytellers packing a lot of experience across disciplines.

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Every intervention, however small or large, applies Idea, methodology, which allows us to better understand the challenges, business requirements and according to that we design the appropriate solution, and follow-through to make sure the specified behavioral transformations remain in place.

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Caret providing high-level software solutions with well qualified professionals with vertical domain knowledge.  

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We have an energetic and ambitious team with a vision to develop the best  problem-solving approach. 

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We are helping our customers bring their products to market faster while reducing their development costs.

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Unlike others in our industry, we can prove and show you how we deliver and Simplicity in IT management for you. 

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At Caret IT we follow and enforce Security Best Practices for all our clients, as well as internally. Your Security is Priority.

Industries We Serve!

The digitalization in our universe is extensive. It is on everybody's agenda, affecting all enterprises and the corporate world of all sizes, but above all, it affects people in many one-of-a-kind ways.

We are professionals in digitalization in a large variety of core industries. We are organized to create digital advantages that benefit your commercial enterprise or organization in addition to the resources that use them. Read more as follow how we work with you and your industry.

Have a look at the outcome, others are making!

All-Clients & E-commerce Website

Subscription flow is famous for service providing industry. This is an example where user can manage their subscriptions easily.

Odoo POS For Retails

There is several POS  are available in the market. Odoo has their own strong POS system for Hotels and Shopping malls. But as we know Customers minds always want different and unique products.

Project and Resource Management

Easy Manage Resource on Task and make Schedule for each Task and Resources.

Odoo Kanban View Operations

The kanban view is a kanban board visualization it displays records as "cards". Different Looks in Opportunity Kanban view. That automatically changes colors as per configurations.

 Select field you want to monitor, action you want to trigger and before/after timing to trigger selected action.

Budget & Sales Target System

Orderbook is a system for Man power outsourcing companies, where day to day operations with budget, target and project base commission tracker.

Attractive Online Quotation

This module aims to make more attractive online quotation even you no need to go web quotation page to print it. Admin can configure various functionality for online quotation and rest of the reports as well from company configuration and quotation template form. Admin can set cover image on first page of the specific quotation.

Property Management

Property management system manages property and property units (a division of property).
The heart of this system is a Rental contract, Allotment contract, Facilities, and its installments and payment management.

Odoo v7 (OpenERP to Odoo v12 Community Migration

Odoo (OpenERP) version migration is the method of keeping your business with latest upgraded Odoo version. As we know Odoo continue Improving itself now stable OpenSource ERP with v12. 

Education Management 

An orderly composition leads to efficient tracking and better productivity. Educational ERP is a robust and comprehensive user-friendly ERP solution specially crafted for school and hostel administration.

Client’s Love

Caret team is working for me for several years. They are doing amazing jobs for my clients in Odoo 8, 9, 10 and 11. I certainly can recommend them to you

I am glad to write something about Caret Team. As the team continues to stand head and shoulders as far as  quality  of the product, support, of the product is concerned in Odoo ERP domain.

Great Team, Passionate with a lot of know how to Implement, As Odoo is new for us in the Agriculture sector, But Caret has successfully implemented Odoo 10.0 for our company and make it easy.

Caret has a transparent workflow, communicating daily and clearly outlining next steps. They take time to understand requirements, aiming to satisfy the end user and not just finish quickly.

The ERP generates positive user feedback and encourages perpetual growth. The team is a trustworthy and communicative partner. Accessible language and responsive service are notable strengths.

Caret IT Solutions worked quickly and built a final product that satisfied the end client. They addressed our requirements immediately and made sure to meet our expectations and tight deadlines.