Odoo is evolving rapidly with the latest features to improve productivity. To experience these unique features, keep updates with the latest odoo, Version migration will benefit to an enterprise.

Why Should Migrate to Latest Odoo Version?

Odoo has undoubtedly established itself as a transformative solution for businesses, revolutionizing their operations. With each successive version, it evolves into a more robust and sophisticated enterprise ERP system. To maximize the advantages it offers, it's highly advisable to undertake a migration to the latest version.

odoo Performance


Odoo Claim, latest version 16 is our fastest and most mature version to date.

odoo Usability


​Lots of usability improvements were released in v16.0 like New Views added, and Easily drag and drop features, to know more about a massive usability  Improvements with v17.

odoo Internet of Things

Internet of Things

To cover advanced market demand odoo has introduced an Internet of things module with the hardware device Odoo IOT Box.

odoo industry focus

Industry Focus

Odoo improved a lot in Accounting, MRP, and QMS and released new apps like Field service management to cover specific industry areas.

"If currently using V13.0 or older, It's time to migrate with latest Odoo V17"

Types of Odoo Migration Service

Module / Applications Migration

Odoo Module migration is a procedure to make modules /apps properly matched to the latest focused Odoo version. 

  • Standard Module Migration: Once a new version is released, all the supported apps are migrated to the latest version by odoo itself. So whatever apps are installed in the database, must be upgraded with the latest code from the source.
  • Custom - Third Party Application: Third-party Odoo apps migration is required, when we have customized standard modules according to our needs or had bought third-party apps from other sources.
odoo module and application migration
odoo database and code migration

Database Migration

Odoo database migration is a technique used to shift existing databases to a targeted version without losing any data. In addition, the migration from Odoo Community to Enterprise involves moving to a more advanced version while preserving all data.

The critical component in this process is Odoo data migration, ensuring a smooth and accurate transfer of data across different versions and editions. This meticulous approach guarantees that your information remains intact and fully functional during the migration process.  

  • Odoo Enterprise: Odoo has its own platform for enterprise users to upgrade databases to the latest version. To know more about Enterprise Odoo Upgrades contact us.
  • Odoo Community:  For Odoo Upgrade of a community database, the client has to move with the right Odoo Certified Partner like Caret IT. By using Open upgrade(Maintained by OCA) or Custom migration scripting, Odoo partner will upgrade the client database to the latest version.

Cloud Odoo ERP Migration - A Demand of 2023.

New Ways Of Thinking About Your Business  

Let’s Review ‘How Caret IT follows Migration Procedure’

odoo migration procedure

Parameters, to be addressed before the migration procedure.

Odoo migration procedure

FAQs: Odoo Migration

Q: Can I migrate from QuickBooks to Odoo?

A: Yes, our QuickBooks to Odoo migration services facilitate a seamless transfer of your financial data.

Q: How does Odoo 15 migration differ from Odoo 16 migration?

A: While the fundamental migration process is similar, specific tools and considerations may vary. We ensure a smooth transition to both Odoo 15 and Odoo 16.

Q. Is Odoo migration to another server a complex process?

A: Our experienced team simplifies the Odoo migration to another server, minimizing downtime and ensuring a trouble-free relocation.

Q: What benefits does Odoo offer with its migration tools?

A: Odoo migration tools streamline the process, ensuring data accuracy, system stability, and efficient migration to newer versions.

Q: Why should I hire an Odoo migration engineer for the process?

A: An Odoo migration engineer possesses the expertise to handle intricate aspects of the migration, ensuring a successful and error-free transition.

Q: Can I use Odoo migration tools for DIY migration, or is professional assistance recommended?

A: While Odoo provides migration tools, professional assistance is recommended for a reliable and tailored migration, particularly for businesses with specific needs.

Want to know more about Odoo Migration?

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