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Not all implementation goes right. It may be due to poor planning and terrible design or lack of organizational preparation. But we can help you.

Let’s design the perfect Odoo implementation for you!


Implementing enterprise resource planning can be popularly challenging. Improper requirement understanding, poor alignment of the team, and misunderstanding of scope and effort can all lead to project derailment. 

An efficient ERP implementation requires not only the right selection of technology but also thorough documentation, commitment from stakeholders, effective communication - precise and clear and employee training.

Odoo can provide everything from higher productivity, to more data security, and cost savings as a major reason.

A Process-Driven Approach

Be Part Of Every
Step Of The Way​

Unsettled implementation projects need immediate, decisive, and clear actions of rescue to make the process more successful.

With an impactful approach to implementing Odoo, we have delivered various successful projects to date.

Our team understands the value of developing, testing, and delivering ERP solutions, due to which we make you an integral part of the process so that you can orient us towards the organizational goals.

odoo erp implementation step
Passing It On

Our focal point is to grasp and understand the various decisions taken through configuration, customization, and setup to ensure knowledge transfer from your team.

We constantly take feedback from stakeholders to identify any gaps in the solutions that prevent us to achieve a successful result.

After attaining this we lead your team through a series of demonstrations and support by producing the necessary documentation for a smooth transition.

odoo implementation process throught customization
Planning & 

Nothing works without proper planning. Many times we spend so much time in planning, that till the time the execution phase arrives our planning became obsolete.

Our robust methodology for planning projects as a solution provider is a reflection of your objectives and expectations, allowing us to adjust our project plan to the reality of your situation.

We ensure each member from the team is chosen based on their core areas of expertise and ability to build a solution that delivers high value.

odoo erp implementation planning and control

Our Simplified Odoo Implementation Methodology

odoo project analysis

Project Analysis

Meeting with the key users and stack holders to evaluate business needs.

odoo project planning, development and deployment

Project Planning Development & Deployment

Overall project planning and team selection.

  • Configuration and Setup
  • Out-Of-Box Implementation
  • Required Customization
odoo end user training, support and maintenamce

End-User Training, Support & Maintenance 

  • End User Training

  • Go Live & Support

  • Phase 2: Customization (If Required)

Have Any Questions Reg​arding Odoo Implementation?

How much is the cost for Odoo implementation?

How much is the cost for Odoo implementation?

Odoo implementation cost includes the software  license ,  number of users, renewal fees, training, customization, functionality, maintenance & upgrades. The price ranges for small, medium and large businesses can range from $ 4K & up for the modules you purchased & customization.

What is Odoo's Implementation Methodology?

What is Odoo's Implementation Methodology?

Odoo implementation methodology is a vendor-led method that includes different phases like Planning, Setup, Prototype Review, User Acceptance, Go-live activity & team training followed by support and maintenance services. But, the customer needs to be very careful in hiring the right vendor consultants while choosing Odoo.

How to choose best Odoo Implementation Partner?

How to choose best Odoo Implementation Partner?

The success of any ERP implementation majorly depends on the right implementation partner. So implementation partner should not be taken lightly. Customers should select a Partner who has an impressive track record of Successful ERP implementations with the right pool of resources. Odoo Partners, like Caret, have a unique approach and best methodology practices for Odoo implementation. 

How long does it take to implement Odoo?

How long does it take to implement Odoo?

Odoo Implementation time depends on the size, complexity of business and the modules required. It may take from a couple of days to a few months. We use to take average 3-4 months for Odoo implementation but again it depends on the companies size, modules, number of users, data conversions, etc.

Why i should pay for Odoo ERP Implementation?

Why i should pay for Odoo ERP Implementation?

Odoo licenses purchase is a part of Odoo implementation, which holds true when implementing Odoo Enterprises Version. Odoo implementation cost is an additional amount to implement Odoo Apps as per your business operations. Caret offers customers more choices across the spectrum of cost components, from users to implementation and deployment at all the stages.

Our experienced team of consultants had developed unique expertise in Odoo ERP.  We ensure you always provide good quality services.

Rather than looking at expensive and complex ERP software. Schedule your Demo today and experience the flexibility of All in one App - Odoo ERP.

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