Project Overview

The industry is an agro-pastoral complex comprising a farm with a pigsty with a capacity of 5,000 heads, cattle farms, a slaughterhouse, a butcher's shop, a restaurant, and a Camp Guest House as well as a mining camp management service.

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Agricultural service supply agency in Africa. It has a different farm and is involved in different activities such as pigsty, vegetable patch, Egg Production, and Cattle farming. It also has a slaughterhouse. The GNO slaughterhouse is considered the best and most hygienic in Central Africa. 

  • Supply chain management

  • Catering Service Management

  • Warehouse and Logistics

  • House Keeping

  • Mining

  • Restaurants

  • Corporate events

How we did it?


  • Slow speed internet connection managing Odoo with 50+ users was a critical issue for us, And as users want to use multiple applications of the Odoo. Like from purchase inventory to Accounting and Point of Sales.

  • Chart of accounts and Configuration of Salary rules in HR was also challenging for us.

  • Company user bases are different locations and camps. 

  • Manage all campuses and Locations under a single company with respect to camp-wise security access and data management 

  • Before Odoo ERP Company used various applications and Excel base data, So synchronizing all data and user’s mindsets with proper training was also a big change for us.


  • Try to keep minimize the level of Customization in Odoo and best use inbuilt standard features of Odoo.

  • Different Locations and campuses use the same products and same client base, but each transactional data and warehouses are different so we use Units/ Branches concept and overcome issues of security and groups.

  • With a minimum user, intervention tries to manage Internal warehouse transfer.

  • Create different formulas and maintain payroll.


  • After successful implementation of Odoo ERP Company Using Single Odoo ERP System instead of using multiple standalone systems Like Office suite, Excel, etc.

  • Maintain HR / Payroll with different departments, categories, and rules.

  • Maintain stock and warehouse as per requirement.

  • Develop the new app catering management and maintain it as per business requirements.

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