Project Overview

The client is based packaging industry and approached us with a vision to get an E-commerce website that can efficiently portray and market their huge product catalog by embracing the expertise of caret IT.
Odoo text and image block
Odoo image and text block


They provide the service as per different aspects of e-commerce retail packaging product fit, package quality, and incidence of damage that shape a consumer’s experience with the brand. They are the brand manufacturers, retailers and logistics providers are adapting to the new challenges of online trading. The development of optimized e-commerce packaging solutions from the corrugated board is by no means trivial. They pass through a completely different way of supply cycle than goods that go into retail.

  •  An E-commerce website

  • flexographic printing

  • litho-mounting

  • die-cutting

  • specialty gluing 

  • embossing

  • packaging design.

How We Did It

Challenge: Quotation Generation

Quotation Generation with the final image of the box is a challenging job. The client need a quotation with the selected image.


Customize the module for this so that users can generate quotes as per their requirement and it will also this allows making any changes to reduce or increase the price. Users can save the image for the box and generate a quotation.

Challenge: Creation of images using Canvas

Another challenge is the creation of images using canvas and visualizing the product also maintain the different size and shapes of the box.


Develop the app so the users will get a view of the box so that they can change colors or text by visualizing the final product. There are different views, front, back, side, etc.

Challenge: Integration from the existing system

Integration from the existing system to Odoo ERP. We need to integrate all the modules and users in the system.


It was quite a task to integrate their system with Odoo ERP. This will allow the users to get a better look at the final product along with all the options to make various changes to fulfill the client’s expectations.

Challenge: Maintain Box Designs

Challenge to Maintain Box designs, size, and colors as per business requirements. Also, maintain users to manage their images and logo on boxes as per their requirement.


Users can customize the box design according to their requirements. Right from design and colors etc. This feature enables the users to even get their logo or image on the boxes and can make the box designs as per their business requirements.


Box Designing

Users can decide the colors, shapes, size, and other parameters. Customized designing of the box can give users the freedom to get exactly what they want.

Save the design & generate the quote

Users can save the design of the final image can give users time to change or edit the design before placing the final order. Users can also save the image to generate quotes for that particular design.

Integrate existing system  

It’s a difficult task to integrate various apps to develop for better results. 

Images for easy customization

Users can customize the image with their requirements and can view and edit the colors, text, prints, etc of the boxes to be ordered. 

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