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The process of distributing solar goods and services to clients, including solar panels, solar inverters, solar batteries, and other associated machinery, is referred to as solar distribution. Companies that distribute solar products serve as middlemen between solar product manufacturers and end consumers, offering logistics, marketing, and other services to get solar items on the market.

Residential and commercial businesses, government organizations, and utilities are just a few of the prospective customers for solar distribution companies. To maintain such a process of data and manage growth of solar energy businesses it requires a powerful Solar Distributor ERP Software solution to handle with ease.

Odoo Solar ERP

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With Our Solar Distribution ERP Innovative Features, Now Manage Your Solar Energy Business More Effortlessly Than Before

Solar Distribution ERP

Smooth Accounting & Finance

Integrated synchronized process for the financial and accounting operations to provide the most effective financial supply chain management for solar energy.

Manageable Purchase Order

Manageable Purchase Order

The management of purchase orders like making and maintaining purchase requisition, receiving & dispatching items, and managing supplier relationships are made easier by solar system distributors.

Trackable Inventory System

Dynamic Quotation Management

An automated quotation management system (QMS) for an organization's sales process to run more smoothly and enable sales representatives to accomplish higher sales orders.

Project Management

Real-Time Project Management

Better grasp about ongoing operations and easy management of real-time specific information about packaging and shipments  to ensure correct task rollouts.

Trackable Inventory System

Trackable Inventory System

Tracking inventory levels, managing stock across multiple warehouses, and ensuring that they have the proper supply at the right time can all be done with solar distribution software.

Trackable Inventory System

Handle Solar Panel Installation Orders

Get full access into your sales orders so you can assess market trends and consumer preferences and inclinations, and then meet consumer demand by doing so with Solar ERP solution.

Revolutionize Your Solar & Renewable Energy Business with initiative and robust Open Source Solar ERP Software

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Why ERP System for Solar Renewable Energy Industry?

Here’s are few Benefits of Solar Energy ERP

solar panel installation erp

Shine bright with our Odoo Solar ERP 

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Power up your solar installation business with efficient resource management ERP system

Improved efficiency: The system streamlines workflows and eliminates manual processes, reducing the time and effort required to manage solar installation projects.

Increased accuracy: The system automates many processes, reducing the risk of human error and ensuring that data is accurate and up-to-date.

Greater scalability: The system can grow with the business, providing a flexible platform that can adapt to changing business needs and requirements.

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