About The Application

The MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) is a marketing strategy for the sale of products or services where the revenue of the MLM application is derived from a non-salaried workforce selling the company's products/services, while the earnings of the participants are derived from a pyramid-shaped or binary compensation commission system.

Once a user is being a  Distributor in Multi-Level Marketing they can get income using three ways:

  1. Joining Income

  2. Bonus Income

  3. Re-purchasing Income

Main Features of Multi-Level Marketing 

Get Full Details of Node( Users)                       

KYC verification                       

Maintain parent and their child node relationship                       

Maintain a level of the node and give a bonus according                      

Direct Earning Option                      

Repurchase Product

Due Payment Report

GST Invoice Receipt

Mail Notification                       

SMS Notification                       

App Features

  • Register New node

  • Withdraw option

  • List of child view

  • My profile view

  • Deduct wallet option for repurchase and register user

  • My transaction view (current balance, pending payments)

  • Change and forget the password

Are you interested more about Multi-Level Marketing (MLM), here the latest our case study about it, have a look at this. 

Manage Configuration

    Flow of System

    Odoo image and text block

    The administrator can do the following

    • The administrator can see the request of a new user, any payment request of a user in the inbox of the discuss the menu.

    • MLM Marketing menu is described as the payment information number of a parent-child hierarchy,  customer invoice and administrator can do the configuration of bonus points.

    • Due Payment Report menu is used to print the report.

    Multi-Level Marketing Mobile App

    The user who has an account in this application and he wants to add a new user then. He has to install and run the Geetanjali Enterprise android application.


    ---> User is only can add from the Android application.

    ---> When creating a new user it will display in Odoo in the draft stage and not in the Android application because it is not an active user.

    ---> To activate the user, the user has to submit KYC details and request to activate to Administrator.

    Due Payment Report and GST Tax format Invoice in MLM App

    MLM E-Book
    Download the complete E-book for Multi-level Marketing

    odoo erp multi level marketing   


    Email and SMS Notification in MLM using Odoo


    1. On Repurchase Request: When a user requests to repurchase a product that time mail is sent.

    2. On Payment Request: On Payment, request mail is sent to the administrator.

    3. After Payment Done: After payment is done mail sent with the payment receipt number.


    1. On Activation: On Node activation,  SMS is sent.

    2. On Payment Done: On Payment is done SMS send with the receipt number.

    Let's check the full video of Multi-level Marketing (MLM).


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