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A large container used to store gases or liquids below the surface of the ground is known as an underground storage tank (UST). Like, petroleum substances including gasoline, diesel, and heating oil, as well as chemicals and other hazardous compounds, are usually stored in USTs.

These storage tanks come in a variety of sizes, from little heating oil storage tanks for homes to enormous tanks for industrial or service station fuel storage which are mainly constructed of steel, fiberglass, or concrete.

To manage such underground storage tank operations more efficiently, including inventory control, supply chain management, tracking maintenance and repair schedules, monitoring compliance & resources, and generating reports for  better decision-making, an automated ERP solution for tank management is required to assist businesses in managing their core business processes.

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Work Order Management

With Odoo, you can scale your entire company and increase the number of orders. You can carefully handle all your needs in one location with the help of our cutting-edge storage tank service software.

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Data Management

This module allows you to define the dimensions of the tank storage, including height, diameter, type of material and wall thickness, etc. for underground storage tank construction or manufacturing/distribution.


Offer quick and simple quotation creation including service, material, and other expenses, and deliver it to consumers. A successful field service firm depends heavily on controlling and tracking the work performance in real-time.

Maintenance & Repair 

Successfully handles the maintenance and repair process and saves expenses and lessens the amount of time for the other critical operations.

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Why ERP Software is best for Storage Tank Management Industry?

Tank Stock and Inventory Management 

Tank Stock and Inventory Management 

With lot/serial number tracing, it becomes easy for you to follow the movement of goods from the moment it enters your stock inventory until it is released for further processing.

Shipping and Receiving 

With effective vehicle routing, scheduling, and planning, it helps in the managing of material transportation to end users. It also speeds up delivery times and lowers transportation expenses.

Quality Control

It can help to make sure that the items being carried fulfill the necessary requirements. This can entail tracing the material's origin to its destination.

Real-time Analytics

It keeps thorough real-time analytic records of the freight being moved, the transportation being utilized, the final destination, and other significant details. These records reports assist in ensuring accountability & traceability.

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Underground Storage Tank Software

Seamless tracking of complaint status

Underground Storage Tank Software

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Underground Storage Tank Software

Real-time actual updates and alerts

Underground Storage Tank Software

Individual & multi-level users access & security

Underground Storage Tank Software

Complete flexibility and visibility on ongoing processes

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