Project Overview

The e-learning industry is pioneered an innovative combination of online and offline education that is readily accessible and affordable.

It has more than 5000+ users, industry handles more than 200+ courses. We develop a portal that would cater to the dynamic needs of the education industry  

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Educational Services is widely considered a counter-cyclical industry. The Education industry provides instruction and training in a wide variety of subjects. This instruction and training are provided by specialized establishments, such as schools, colleges, universities, and training centers. Educational services are usually delivered by instructors that explain, tell, demonstrate, supervise, and direct learning.

  •  Online courses

  • Offline courses

  • Conduct exams

  • E-learning platform

How We Did It

Challenge: Data migration

Data migration from the existing system. Maintain different courses and different users. Different users have different rights so they need to manage specific rights for users. More than 50,000+ users and 10,000+ courses had to be managed through a centralized system.


The dynamic Learning management system was developed that streamlined the student and course management. Migration of all data successfully. Assign different user login and password with their rights.

Challenge: Tight Deadline

The Client wanted to launch the portal as soon as possible. and he wants to do it online so the user can take advantage of it. So, we have to work with tight Deadline


Our team prioritized the task and followed an organized approach to finish the project on time. Create required apps and ready the client’s portal on time. Create all users in the system so they can use their login properly.

Challenge: Manage Complete Database

Manage Complete database with educational videos. There is a volume of interactive content and videos need to be managed effectively. Also, maintain the size of the videos so it can run smoothly.


Users can track the history of their air travel and view the boarding passes for a perticular journy. Additionally, the QR code present on boarding passes can be scanned through the app and the details can be retrived easily.

Challenge: Online and Offline Access

The student also can do the Online and Offline access to data so if any internet issue arises so they can learn their courses with downloaded study materials. Also, maintain data security


Develop the app for students to access online as well as offline mode in remote areas also.  So they can also use study materials offline. The app also maintains data security so the unauthorized user can not copy the content.


Boost in Learner Engagement

The students were able to engage with the courses in a better manner by using the e-Learning Management System. 


A secure pen drive solution was developed that prevent copyright content. Unauthorized users cannot copy-paste the client’s patented data.

Offline Access to Portal 

The apps could be accessed by students in the offline mode and low internet connectivity in remote areas. 

E-learning Experience 

Students can get personalized course recommendations by using the chatbot available in the system. 

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