Project Overview

The Lighting industry operates in many states.
The Lighting Company has 100+ employee staff in different states and over 100 people around the world.
Its core management team has 10+ years of hands-on experience in the lighting industry.
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The Lighting Industry provides the highest-quality producing source of outdoor architectural and landscape lighting. They provide lighting to the offices, homes, and industries. They are implements technology and creates dependable LED lighting solutions that retrofit both interior and exterior standard connections.

  •  Multi-companies

  • Manufacturing

  • Stock management

  • Human Resource Management

How We Did It

Challenge: Complex multi-company configuration and intercompany transactions

Complex multi-company configuration and also intercompany transactions are managed in a proper way and transfer all data from an existing system to Odoo ERP.


Configure multi-company and intercompany in Odoo ERP. Automated intercompany transactions to facilitate the eventual creation of manufacturing orders in the manufacturing company and all transactions are successfully done in intercompany. Migration from the existing system to Odoo ERP.

Challenge: Reporting and maintain stock management

Reporting and maintain stock management, Sales, Purchase, warehouse management. Maintain different warehouse and locations as per business requirements. Also, maintain different projects for their clients.


Reporting to Management team, company-group, and group-wide levels. Implement and Control of stock and components. Integrated stock and component reordering. Customizations in Sales, Warehouse Management, Project Management.

Challenge: Maintain complete Chart Of Account     

Inter-company financial implications had to be handled transparently. Maintain complete Chart Of Account and accounting transactions as per business needs.


Financial reporting at each company or custom report grouping and Accounting and financial management handled centrally. Maintain Chart of account for different companies. Maintain Different Journals and Journal entries for each company.

Challenge: Complex manufacturing and ordering Configuration

Complex manufacturing and ordering Configuration and also complex Bill Of Material and product kits. The import Bill of material from the old system to Odoo is also a challenging task.


Scheduling and control of the manufacturing process. Integrated ordering process and implementing a complex ordering system. Import complete Bill of materials and lines in a smart way. Customized BOM structure and product kits to fit with business requirements.


Ongoing development to complete system accomplished on time.

Our team developed the required modules and done customization and complete the project on time.

Implementing complex ordering system 

With effective implementation, all customers and orders manage well.

Financial & sales reports

Automated reporting has done as per the client’s requirement with the described format.

Solid platform for expansion into more states

Our team implements the best platform as per the client’s requirement so he can manage it as easy way.

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