Project Overview

The Lighting industry operates in many states.  The Lighting Company has 100+ employees staff in different states and over 100 people around the world.

Its core management team has 10+ years of hands-on experience in the lighting industry.


The Lighting Industry provides the highest-quality producing source of outdoor architectural and landscape lighting. They provide lighting to offices, homes, and industries.

They are implements technology and create dependable LED lighting solutions that retrofit both interior and exterior standard connections.

  • Multi-companies

  • Manufacturing

  • Stock Management

  • Human Resource Management

How We Did It


Ongoing development to complete system accomplished on time.

Our team developed the required modules and done customization and complete the project on time.

Financial & Sales Reports

Automated reporting has done as per the client’s requirement with the described format.

case study result

Implementing complex ordering system

With effective implementation, all customers and orders manage well.

Solid platform for expansion into more states

Our team implements the best platform as per the client’s requirement so he can manage it as easy way.

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