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Project Overview

In the Clothing and Apparel industry, Odoo is immensely popular due to the simplicity of accessing all functionalities on a single dashboard, which can be accessed both online and through a mobile app. The clothing industry has lots of variety to offer, and there are different types and colors of clothes with respect to different cultures and seasons. Because of the complexity of the apparel business, it is difficult for small merchants to manage expenses, revenue, transactions, taxation, and bills in an effective manner. 

As a result, Odoo's finest ERP software solution integration for clothing manufacturers offers them a simple, easy-to-use, and efficient tool for keeping track of all commercial activities at a low cost, thus maximizing overall sales profitability.


  • Clothing Production & Factory Sourcing
  • Supply Chain Consulting / Logistics
  • Sample Making
  • Factoring Services
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How We Did It

Challenge: Managing Accounts And Reports

Account and billing management is one of the big challenges for the Clothing and Apparel industry; also the daily, weekly, or monthly reporting is another challenge for the industry.


Odoo provides the best accounting module with different features and reporting so it will be easy to maintain it for any industry.

Challenge: Managing Sales, Track Inventory, And Procurement.

To track the real-time inventory and manage sales and procurement is also a challenge for the Clothing and Apparel industry. 


Odoo ERP provides Better Inventory Control with advanced functionalities. It also provides Auto trigger purchase order which reduces procurement lead time.

Challenge: Difficult to manage the manufacturing process.

To maintain raw materials, work centers and different routes in manufacturing is also a challenge for the Clothing and Apparel industry. 


Odoo Provide the solution for all, raw material tracking and maintenance, production planning, production on customer demand, and also maintain work centers and routes in manufacture.

Challenge: Difficulty in the Quality process.

After completing production, quality management is another process to maintain customer satisfaction.


Odoo ERP provides the quality maintenance process in manufacturing so you can easily manage the quality process at the time of manufacture and deliver the best product to the customer.


Effortless Manufacturing

Tracking product by lot and serial number based On Size, Color, Style, etc.  Product Cost Can Be Estimated Which Helps In Deciding the Pricing. Odoo also supports the Multi-currency And Multi-location.

Trouble-free  Inventory

Better Inventory Control With Advanced Functionalities
Easily tracking the products and automatically Generate reports of stock and product moves

Advanced Reporting

Odoo province the advance reporting in the account, inventory, sales, purchase, etc.
Also can manage the cash flow statement, and summary reports in accounts.

Better procurement management

Planning Procurement as required.
Automatic Trigger PO Which Reduces Procurement Lead Time