Cloud ERP Migration - A Demand of 2020.

New Ways Of Thinking About Your Business

The new year is off to a crazy start. Within the first quarter of the year, we reach the brink of yet another COVID-19 war, Potential pandemic brewing in China and within weeks spread over the world.

On the business front, the world's global leaders are in homes, and businesses are shut down,  And we’ve only made it through the first quarter of the year. 

We learned the lesson, The Enterprises are adopting new cloud technology are surviving in a critical time. So it's a key demand for 2020, to think in a new way about your business and upgrade with the latest cloud technology.

"A Journey from Legacy Software to Cloud ERP Modernization." 

Latest, Open Source ERP solutions deliver what growing enterprises demand, scalability, and efficiency - at a lower cost. That’s why Future-looking Legacy based software customers are switching to Cloud ERP like Odoo.

Why Should I Switch to Modern Cloud ERP?

My Business already running with small legacy software...

To stay one step ahead of market competition, you have to be innovative. You need an embedded application to streamline processes, the Latest functionality, and transformative technologies

  • On-Premises software has regular upgrades and maintenance issues. The upgrade time clock costs significant time and resources. As research says 2/3 of MSMEs are running on outdated versions of Software or using many small Applications to do daily activities. 

  • Web-Based applications are limited in scalability and availability.   

  • While Cloud base Modern ERP, saves time and money for business innovation. In Legacy Systems 80% budget is allocated for maintenance and 20% for Innovation.

Why Choose Odoo as transformative ERP technology?

"Everything you need with a top-notch user experience"

A Next-generation of Cloud ERP Odoo, Suite is the market’s most scalable and open-source of amazing business software. Odoo ERP is proven by 4M users across the world with all kinds of business processes.

This step-by-step ERP implementation guide will help you plan a smooth and successful ERP migration

How Easy migration to Odoo ERP?

In Older times the word “Migration” itself is complex by definition either it is related to human life or technology. But Modern ERP like Odoo makes it simpler for non-technical users. 

  • Single Click Installation: Installation of Odoo ERP is super easy, users can download the required package from and install it in a single click. With minimum technical knowledge, users can set up, for learning strong documentation makes it easier. 

  • Rich Inbuilt features: With a strong technical foundation, Odoo's framework is unique. It provides a top-notch user experience that scales across all apps. 

  • Less Costly To Implement: Time is money. Odoo doesn’t require a team of resources with different skillsets to configure. With minimum resources and time, it can be easily implemented. 

  • Easily Import / Export Master data: Odoo proving an easy way to import / export data. You can import data on any Odoo’s business object using either Excel (.xlsx) or CSV (.csv) formats: contacts, products, bank statements, journal entries, and even orders!

  • Easy to Learn: E-learning platform, everything you need to know about your ERP Implementation is in one place.

Key Factors Must be considered before Migration.

So, as crazy as things may become in 2020, resist knee-jerk reactions and spend the time necessary to consider different alternatives, think about the ways in which your plans could go away, and take the steps necessary to ensure that they don’t.
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