How Odoo MRP Helpful in Textile and Fabric Industries

Open Source ERP solution for the textile, garment industry, and dealers

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Textile and clothing is a very huge industry with a strong business carried out in the field.

It is not just about the manufacturing of the fabric. There is much more than that. There is a whole inventory to maintain channel management and sales generation, inventory management, Quality management, etc.

As clothes come under the basic need of the people, there are all types and levels of consumers coming to this industry. And hence, the workload of the industry is limitless.

Starting from the pre-planning of the project to the actual manufacturing of the fabric each task should be carried out very precisely in order to pursue the error-free business model.

There are various modules included in this business model like manufacturing, sales, purchase, stock, accounting, distribution, and many others.

Customized Odoo software would be the best software solution for the textile industries in order to simplify the workload of the company.

This software helps the company to do business in an efficient way and manage the whole system effortlessly. 


There are numerous advantages of implementing the Odoo software to the textile and garment industry. It is one of the excellent choices done by textile and apparel dealers.

Let’s have a look at this list of advantages and know about the benefits we got in the textile and handloom industry by our management system.

 Collaboration and Communication An ERP system provides a proper communication channel between all the departments of the company and makes it easier for them to collaborate with each other.

 Security : The security of the data and design is the most important aspect of the textile industry. With the integration of a new Odoo system, you will definitely get 100% security of your data.

 Scalability : Odoo ERP is a highly scalable and well-structured open ERP system. It allows you to add the new members and functionalities to the running system whenever it is needed.

 Sales Improvement : You can improve the sales of your company by maintaining the price, order and delivery data of customers. You can save the time of customers by just repeating the previous order and maintain a better relationship with them.

 Dye House Management : You can facilitate your company with the complete dye house management system that comes inbuilt in the Odoo software. The dye house management system includes the chemical inventory, daily production report, batch management system, lab management system, etc.

 Customer Management :  Customer management becomes much easier by storing the customer’s data in your system. You can serve your customer with the best services without any hurdles.

 Database Integration :  The biggest benefit of using the Open ERP for the textile industry is that it maintains the complete data of the organization and makes it available to the user at any time without any hassles.

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Hence, we can say that the Odoo ERP system plays an important role in the textile and fashion industry. Having the textile and fabric industries with Odoo manufacturing is a plus point for the vendors. With a customized Manufacturing ERP software integrated with your company, you can manage the whole business with ease and take the company to the desired level.

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