Odoo 14 Expected Features and Roadmap

What’s Next?

  • Saves Time 

            Odoo 14 is expected to have time-saving hacks in some features like Sales, Stock transfers, etc. for the users.

  • Cross-Apps Integration

            Cross-Apps Integration is More efficient through further integration of Apps such as Integration between eCommerce and rental apps. This will help the

             users to save time creating email templates and managing documents.

  • Smart warnings 

          Odoo 14 will introduce new smart warnings that are created for users to complete - like "Please update the Delivery date of this Sales Order" after the

         replenishment is pushed back.

  • Framework refactoring 

            Odoo 14 is coming with reworked JavaScript, ORM, and Python it will help to improve performance and Smoother development. 

  • Studio App    

            Quickly create models in Studio to help users with predefined fields.

Category Panel

There is a new category panel in v14 which displays related submodules. For example, if we click on accounting tab, it will display only the accounting-related modules.

Countdown Widget

Countdown widget in Odoo 14 website

Step Snippet

A new feature of Step Snippet will be seen on the website module. 

Progress Bar Snippet

Website will also have a new Progress Bar Snippet.

Timeline Snippet

A feature of Timeline Snippet is also added in the new odoo version.

Number Snippet

A new Number snippet widget has been added to Odoo 14 website. 

Chart Snippet

Odoo 14 is going to provide new snippet tools and one of them is Chart snippet. It would display your data in chart forms on the website.

Auto Popup Snippet

New Auto Popup Snippet, the user will be able to avail of a quick view of offers and promotions to the customers.

Masonry Snippet

In Odoo 14 you might be able to see a Masonry Snippet in the website module

Product Catalogue Widget

One more new widget is the Product Catalogue Widget , in this the users can edit the details as per the requirement in the ready-made template and can easily publish them on the website.

Product Pricelist Report

Generate product price-list reports from the product in Odoo14.


New App - Data Cleaning

It is used to remove duplicate data to reduce data redundancy.  It’s available only in the Enterprise version. 

View Access Rights And Record Rules Easily

Users can view Access rights and record rules easily in odoo14 from debug mode.

New Reporting Tool

New spreadsheet reporting tool getting ready in odoo14.


Chat with the user from list or form view with just single click on Avatar

Users can Chat by just clicking on the avatar. 

Manage Real-time inventory in POS

Users can Manage Real-time Inventory in POS. 

Let's check a Video for Odoo 14 Upcoming Features.


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