Top 5 ERP Trends

To watch In 2019

Technology is escalating its significance in the market every single day. There are new facilities emerging every day to amaze the users and provide them comfort in work and regular life. Even ERP is not behind in surprising its users with new innovations all the time. It is becoming more responsive and flexible day by day. The new features prepending in the list of ERP are offering great support to the organizations in increasing their productivity.

ERP offers all the possible features like collaboration, integration, and much more to its users. Let’s check out which of these features are going to be listed as the trends of ERP in the year 2019.

1. More personalized UI

  • Different organizations have different requirements. They not always need all the modules of an ERP to handle the business and even sometimes the given modules are not enough to manage the functionalities.
  • Matching to these requirements of the users, the ERPs are becoming more flexible towards its users, giving support to the personalization and improving the user experiences to a great extent.

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2. Augmenting human capabilities

  • The unique intelligence capabilities of ERP is taking it to the peak. This advanced ERP software solution activates the automation of the software assists an organization in creating a huge success for its business.

  • The business intelligence and analytical features of the software are now considered as an integral part of a business management system. Thus, the new ERP becomes a reliable tool for any organization to help them in their business, make sense of using ERP there and augment human capabilities.

3. The internet of things

  • This is one of the biggest innovation in the ERP Industry. Believe it or not, it is going to be the best revolution in the world of business so far. IoT integration in ERP will give better oversight at different things to help the organizations taking better decisions.
  • The IoT devices will help the software to keep track of each movement digitally without any distraction or misguidance.

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4. Improvisation in Mobile Accessibility

  • Users want everything in mobile, whether it is a fun app or important business app. Until now, ERP was not taking the mobile capabilities seriously, but now with the growth of users using mobile for everything. Developers have now started focusing on ERP with mobile.

  • This trend will be the improvisation of ERP with running technology. It will be a hot topic during the whole year of 2019.

5. Increasing security measures

  • Security of the ERP system is the most important aspect of any user. They run their whole business there and want their system to be safe and secure from all the threats and attacks.
  • The makers are always doing something innovative to increase the security level of ERP. And that is what everyone wants in this era of digitalization as digital crime has also increased with increasing facilities. So the security will always be an important trend for all the coming years.

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So these where the top 5 ERP trends to watch in this year of 2019. Being an official Odoo Partner, Caret IT will always be ready to offer all these services or trends to its clients in their Odoo ERP system.

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