Technology is getting contemporary day by day. It is always trying to give something innovative and new to its users. It has discovered a lot during the recent years. Internet of Things (IoT) is the new innovation in this journey. IoT has risen to fame in the past few years by integrating with a lot of applications and making everyone’s lives more easier. IoT has marked its presence in the world of technology by getting involved in each and every sector of it. It connects the sensors of machines with the software and creates the magic. Now it has joined the ERP sector and is generating a good buzz around it. The collaboration of ERP and IoT has brought gigantic benefits for the users.
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It is proffering the ERP with new opportunities to help its users in enhancing their business with the use of it. Let’s see how this new IoT Technology has brought a change to the ERP system:

 Improved Data Availability

ERP is the source of data for most companies these days. IoT in connection with ERP has helped them a lot in accumulating more and more accurate data for the company. It helps the data gatherer to keep in touch with all the sectors of the company remotely.

 Better Communication

With IoT enabled ERP system, the products can directly communicate with both the owners and suppliers. Hence, they can get real time updates of products and can register issues while processing. This automatically results in diminishing of errors and wastage in the overall supply chain.

 Growth in Business Intelligence

IoT has helped the businesses to grow in an intelligent manner. Through the use of IoT sensors and devices, products can immediately connect with ERP systems without the interference of manual labor. New increased and accurate source of data helps the owner to take the right decisions and grow in the right direction.

 Quick and Informed Decisions

By offering ample data and a smooth workflow, IoT empowers the business managers to manage their business in the best possible way. It has given a boost to their confidence in taking decisions instantly and execute them correctly for a bright future.

 Reduced downtime

Internet of Things has taken the business operations to an advanced level. It ensures the accurate production, proper inventory count, and optimum working of systems within the given time limit. Hence, resulting in reduced downtime and satisfied customers.

So, these were some of the benefits caused to the companies by integrating their ERP with IoT Technology. Odoo is also not behind in accepting this new Technology. It has jumped into the technology and has transformed itself into an excellent arrangement of ERP systems.

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The Odoo IoT Box integration with your normal Odoo ERP system helps you to associate with other gadgets and expand the span of your ERP framework to a greater audience. Overall, Odoo IoT is all ready to take charge of getting small businesses on board with the new technology in hand.

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