Is  Odoo ERP Capable Enough to handle MRP Operations for SMEs?

 An Odoo ERP system made up with different modules and each module is specialized to handle separate business workflows such as Sales, Purchase, Inventory, HR, and Manufacturing (MRP) etc

  • A manufacturing company needs to handle production and manufacturing process parallel and need to handle others also such as Sales, Purchase, HR, Accounting etc. Odoo ERP is one of the best solutions that available in the market at present. Odoo is cost effective, time effective and easy to use. The advantage of Odoo ERP is Open source software and no license fee for Odoo community version.

  • Planning, costing and processing these are the basics of any manufacturing business. For the effective and efficient way in a manufacturing business organization must need proper production planning. Then only the production become economical and profitable. 

  • Production planning is an activity that performed before the production starts. It involves planning and schedules of the production, ensure the availability of raw materials, machines and equipment, and the last but not the least is Human resources are available to meet the production requirements in specific planned dates.

  • It ensures that a detailed plan on how our production unit will reach the production goal and schedule the best timetable for an effective production with cost-effective or economic way. Also, we can predict the time of the production-ready to deliver, which is very useful for us to predict how long it will take to deliver the customer’s orders.

  • Manufacturing Odoo ERP software automates and integrates the process of planning, costing, resources and work orders. It provides accurate and real-time data and information. Odoo ERP increases the productivity, efficiency, and accuracy with economically by helping them navigate complex workflows.

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