Why Odoo Partners Best choice rather Individuals For Odoo ERP Implementation.

Working with Odoo Partners Vs freelancers.

  • At the time of implementation of ODOO ERP, the choice between Odoo partners vs.  Freelancers can put you in confusion whom to trust? The end user makes the decision upon several factors like the implementation cost, availability of developers and flexibility of work. Each project is different because of its features.

  • The reasons behind choosing the freelancer are the cost of production, the flexibility of work, future customizations, etc. But a customer should understand that the quality of software deliverables differ between a freelancer and an Odoo partner company. 

  • Odoo partner company will be able to provide scalability in work. Freelancer has his own limitations as he is the sole person to render the right from implementation to customization and after support. His future availability for any kind of development or maintenance cannot be assured.

  • The other side, Odoo official partners establish trust their service. The authorized partners will maintain their reliability and credibility towards their client at any cost.

  • In addition, the Odoo Partners involve a odoo partner team of technical and functional experts who are highly qualified, certified & trained in Odoo ERP.

  • Odoo ERP partners will be an exponent in all segments such as Sales, Purchase, CRM, Accounting, POS, Warehouse, integration, and Survey etc

  • And a freelancer might only possess certain specialization that too not in all the dimensions making them less competitive compared to Odoo ERP partner. 

Our Offers

Main Factors

  • Expertise                                                                           
  • Rates
  • Reliability
  • Relationship
  • Support                                                                              

Odoo Freelancer

  • Expert in Specific areas                                               
  • Comparatively low rates
  • Can be left between ongoing project.
  • One time relationship
  • Not any support after completion of a project 

Odoo Partner

  • Support after completion of a project. Expert in different areas.
  • Comparatively higher rates
  • Can not be left between ongoing project
  • Long-Term Relationship
  • Support after completion of a project.                 

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