Why Odoo Partners Best choice rather Individuals For Odoo ERP Implementation.

Who you should choose to work with Odoo Partners vs freelancers?

At the time of implementation of the ODOO ERP system, the choice between the right Odoo partner and freelancer can put you in confusion: whom to trust? The end user makes the decision based on several factors, like the implementation cost, availability of developers, and flexibility of work. Each project is different because of the features, requirements, and needs of the system. The reasons behind choosing the right Odoo (offshore) development partner company or individual are for the cost of production like maximum return on investment (ROI), the flexibility of work, future customizations, etc. But a customer should understand that the quality of software deliverables differs between a freelancer and an Odoo partner company.

Odoo partner companies will be able to provide scalability in work and certified Odoo software Apps. Whereas the freelancer has his own limitations as he is the sole person to do the right thing from implementation to odoo integration to odoo customization and after support. His future availability for any kind of development or maintenance can not be assured and even the complications at a later step. On the other hand, Odoo official partners establish trust in their services. The authorized partners will maintain their reliability and credibility towards their clients at any cost without fail.

In addition, the certified Odoo Partners Organization involve/hire a professional odoo developers (offshore developers) team of technical and functional experts who are highly qualified, certified & trained in Odoo openERP. Odoo ERP partners/service providers will be active in all segments, including sales, purchase, CRM, accounting, POS (Point Of Sale), warehouse, integration, and surveys, among others. And, in comparison to an Odoo ERP licensed partner, a freelancer may only specialize on one dimension rather than all of them, making them less competitive.

Consider the following main points while selecting the right partner for Odoo ERP implementation in your business.

Main Factors

  • Expertise
  • Rates
  • Reliability
  • Relationship
  • Support
  • Suited For
  • Team

Odoo Freelancers

  •  Expert in specific area
  • Comparatively  low rate
  • Can be left in between ongoing projects
  • One Time Relationship
  • Not any support after completion of a project
  • ideal for smaller and more precise projects
  • Solo/Individual to do the right thing

Odoo Partners

  • Expert in all different areas
  •  Comparatively higher rate
  •  Can not left the in between ongoing projects
  • Long Term Relationship
  • Support after completion of a project
  • ideal for large and initial projects
  • Professional Odoo developers to do  right things

Why Caret IT as your Best Odoo Partner?

There are several reasons why an organization should choose Caret IT as a solution partner. The implementation of Odoo ERP represents a significant transformation for the company. We provide unrivalled assistance, with over 8 years of expertise and a highly ambitious and dynamic workforce that innovates and delivers unrivalled services at your affordable budget and training on time.

The Caret IT is an Odoo Silver Partner with a team of professional developers that are well-qualified and experienced. To get our assistance, schedule a meeting with us for your business consultation.

Caret IT as a Odoo Silver Partner

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