Key Benefits of e-Commerce And ERP Integration


  • E-commerce is giving an opportunity to the customers to purchase products 24/7, 365 days a year and is the most effective way of selling products at a relatively low cost in the world.

  • When we integrate e-commerce sales channels with the Odoo ERP system, it enables us to function even more competently as a business. The key types of data, such as shipping or tracking, orders, customers, items, and inventory, are all linked to systems.

  • Integrated systems play a vital role in streamlining several business processes. The web sales orders are integrated into the Odoo ERP system in real-time, and this helps a back-office ERP user to track the order instantly and start with the further processing.

odoo ecommerceintegration

  • Information about sales appears in the Odoo ERP system promptly based on transactions.

  • Through integration of e-commerce with Odoo ERP business, it helps business owners to get better control of their business, thus giving them competitive gains.

  • Integration also helps to generate Financial reports of sales are generated by e-commerce business applications. The integration of e-commerce with ERP allows the business to generate a trial balance, balance sheet, and profit and loss statement, which provides the necessary clarity in financial information.


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