• Customers these days want the fast and furious retail services whether at retail stores or online shopping site. Hence, the company has to speed up their working process to make the customers happy with their services.

  • We at Caret IT helps our clients to upgrade their technology and allow their customers to shop smoothly.

  • We increase the work efficiency, order management, and retail management capacity of our clients to a great extent.

  • Caret IT is known for providing the best retail management solutions to the retailers for meeting their business requirements. We take care of every aspect related to the clients business-like enterprise resource planning, business analytics, business process management, E-commerce, and customer relationship management.

We believe that shopping experience of a customer must be memorable that he/she should love to visit the store again and again.

This is only possible when you make their shopping easier with easy checkouts and absolutely no waiting in long queues. And this can be done with precise POS values.

With our retail management services, we help you to get the real-time data of your business available anywhere, anytime on any smart device. So just customize your services based on the stocks help your customers for getting a better shopping experience.

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  • Odoo is providing an excellent and user-friendly web interface for POS. So, say bye bye to all the outdated POS systems and enjoy the new Odoo web interface.

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With the simple and beautiful design, Odoo also ensures the better productivity with its web interface.

You can run Odoo’s online POS app without any installation. It also runs in the offline mode on modern hardware.

The simple and clean user interface of Odoo’s online point of sale app is mesmerizing. You can integrate the full company inventory and accounting in a single system and can access it easily without roaming at different applications to getting the data.

Moreover, you can handle multiple orders at a time with the help of POS app.

There are multiple payment methods integrated with the system which allows the customer to pay easily without any hassles. Hence, increasing the demand of your retail store and also the e-commerce site.

  • Though, Odoo itself is providing so many features for upgrading your retail and online business system to run it without hassles.

  • Caret IT has also come up with some modifications and addition of some exclusive features to enhance the experience of our clients of using Odoo’s POS application. Here are some features that are uniquely designed by CARET IT just for our clients:

We have integrated the point’s redemption services in our POS model that helps our clients in managing the points of their customers with loyalty.

We also provide promotional scheme management according to the dates, product categories, and locations

We have even integrated the gift voucher management service where unique id for each voucher, the validity of a voucher and redeem key will be the main ingredients of the system.

Our most unique service is the hardware instruments like weigh scale, cash box, and other checkout systems integration with your system to make your work extra easy.

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