Why do enterprises need an integrated QMS framework? Implementing a quality control solution can ensure that the industry is delivering the standard quality product possible.

Structuring a streamlined corrective and preventative action during the various processes, deliver customer expectations, and reach the compliance standard.

Explore here, Odoo Quality Control management.

  • To Improve and optimize operational Processes, and achieve expected quality goals.

  • Optimize and Improve Products and services.

  • With the realtime status of results help to implement an accurate Plan.

  • Reduce repetitive mistakes during manufacturing

  • Define proper accountability and employee involvement.

  • Increase overall product & service standards and customer satisfaction.

Features of Quality Control Management with Odoo

  • Plan, publish, and measure facilities to established organizational quality program expectations with appropriate follow-up and responsibility tracking.

  • Measure quality compliance with evolving industry standards and program expectations (e.g., ISO 9001, AS9100, GMP, TS)

  • Engage staff in key quality program activities e.g., compliance tasks, auditing, issue identification, CAPA, etc. and notify through automated alerts and reminders Develop and schedule customized inspections to ensure processes and services remain in compliance

  • Record observed defects via mobile and online reporting; track and manage the RCA activities surrounding defect resolution
  • Report and analyze data and key performance indicators including ‘Cost of Quality’ by site or across the company through flexible and customizable reporting and data analytics capabilities
  • Establish mobile quality control– report quality issues and perform inspections with the Gensuite Mobile app for Apple, Android, Amazon, and Windows devices.
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Quality ➤ Configuration

We can create quality teams, quality alert stages, and quality tags from the configuration.

If a company has multiple teams in quality check, Odoo allows creating multiple quality teams.

Create Quality Control Points

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Quality ➤ Quality control ➤ Quality control points

Control Types

all the operations will generate quality checks to perform.

Quality Checks

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Quality ➤ Quality control ➤ Quality checks

In the quality checks, we can specify if the products pass or fail a specific text. It can be applied for both transfers or manufacturing orders.

Create Quality Alert

Lot: If a product has Lot Number/Serial Number we can set them in Lot.

Root Cause: The reason for the occurring quality issue.

Priority: Quality Alert will be shown on the basis of priority. Alert of high priority will be shown first.

Description: Mention any description about quality issues.

Corrective Actions: Under Corrective Actions, set actions for correcting quality issues.

Preventive Actions:  Preventive Actions are to take precautions against the type of quality problems.

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Quality ➤ Quality control ➤ Quality Alert

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Quality Alerts will be shown in different stages based on the current status of the alert.

Quality Overview

We can analyze the overall status and the work progress of each quality team from Quality Overview.

These 1 notes display on the Quality Alerts. The Quality Team can refer to this note and take action based on these descriptions.

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