How Odoo works for a Service Based Company?

Service-based companies are always serving their clients by offering them quality service or work. They themselves do not have anything as an asset or do not have any inventory to maintain.

They just have the worksheets and timelines to check whether the work is completed or not. Now you must be thinking, about how Odoo ERP software will help a service-based company to manage its business and run it without any hassles.

There are many aspects of the company that are supposed to be maintained for the proper management of the business. When you are running a service-based company you have clients, you have timelines and invoices you offer to the customers after the work gets done. You must need software like Odoo ERP to maintain all this data in a single place and make it available whenever you need it.

Odoo ERP Services makes it simple to maintain the data sheet of services you provide to your client.

It gathers all the data under one roof and helps you to manage your business efficiently.  

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Let’s check out the solutions provided by Odoo Service Provider to the Service based company

  1. Register the Client:  There are several clients of any company. They are serving multiple clients at the same time. All these clients have come up with their unique queries and are seeking solutions for that. It becomes difficult to handle all of them at the same time if you do not have proper information about your clients. With Odoo services you can register all your clients in a list with all the details of them including their work, address, name, etc.

  2. Initiate the Relationship:  You can save the terms of the agreement you signed with the client and confirm them. There are several terms and condition of a company for providing any service to their client. Odoo helps you to save all those terms to the profile of a client and initiate a healthy relationship with them.

  3. Register the Service:  In this portion of Odoo ERP, you can register all the details of the service you are going to provide your client. It includes the type of service they need, the timeline provided for the delivery of the services, the workers allocated for the service, the progress of the work and much more.

  4. Generate Invoice:  You can generate the invoice of the services you are providing to your clients in this module. An invoice is considered as an important aspect in any type of industry. You must generate an invoice and share it with your client to show the details of the work done and the cost of the project. With this module of Odoo, you can generate the invoice and keep the track record of your client.

Hence, using Odoo software for the management of any type of company would be the smart choice for the business owner. It makes your life simple by keeping your business accounts and data clear. You can easily maintain your business files with Odoo services as it is easy to use and share. Moreover, it is fully integrated with all the types of modules you may need for the management of your business.

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