The Top 10 Critical Factors to Consider for Any Odoo ERP Implementation


  • Every business functions are different and therefore there might be some additional supporting software that needs to integrate with the ERP software. Hence it is essential to check the integration abilities of the ERP software implementation.

  • It’s very important to ensure that the final product delivers on its promises. Integration is key for organizations that want to reduce duplicate data entry and maintain communication throughout the company.

User Interface and Experience

Organizations are looking for an integrated solution that manages all aspects of their business, so they want the best user experience possible. A consistent User Interface means that the software looks and feels the same throughout the system and in each module.

Total Cost

The total cost of an ERP system implementation includes not only the software but also the implementation services. When selecting an ERP system, it’s important to understand not only how much the software will cost up front, but how much you’ll be paying for support and customization fees.

Speed of Implementation

The experts in the ERP software will take the least amount of time to implement the solution, whether their projects were delivered on time and on a budget, and whether there were any issues during the actual implementation.


ERP solution provides remote access to its database and processes. An ERP system with mobile functionality lets workers access a software program that allows a mobile device, from a Tablet PC to an Android Phone, connect to the ERP system. By granting remote access, companies can ensure their employees have up-to-date information on everything from product pricing to services.

Fast User Adoption & Easy to use

An ERP solution is such that the users get acquainted with the flows easily and thus the company can make the most the ERP implementation.

Scalability and Flexibility

An ERP system should be flexible and scalable, meaning that it can be adaptable to new requirements so you need not to replace it with another ERP system if any requirement appears.

Business Intelligence/Decision Support

One of the advantages of Business Intelligence is integration with an ERP system is the ability to give a real-time look at the organization so that they can take short and long-term decisions.

Core Manufacturing

They use a dispatch tool to know what work needs to be done next at any workstation. They record time against jobs and track percentage completion. They record materials issued and adjust inventory. In the most elegant systems, today’s manufacturing might be connected directly with the retail sale of a product today in a store owned by the manufacturer’s customer.


 Will you be required to purchase a number of point solutions alongside the ERP to get the full functionality you need? An ERP solution should be a one-stop place for most business management functions, so single end-to-end software systems are more cost-effective in the short term and will require less money spent on development.


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