Before migrating to any version, the one main question always came to our mind that should we (i) migrate to Odoo 16, or what are the main factors and criteria that make Odoo 16 better than Older versions of Odoo, or just say what makes the Odoo 16  version different from the previous version of Odoo, e.g., Odoo 15,  Odoo 14 , before upgrading to Odoo 16?

Every year, Odoo, the ultimate solution for all business-related challenges, releases an upgraded edition to its users to improve the user experience. And this year, in 2022, Odoo launched new version 16.0 with many big changes and new features for better and enhanced capabilities.

In comparison to other versions like  Odoo 15  or Odoo 14.0, the Odoo V16 is more focused on good code cleanup and performance optimization, accounting localization, and last but not least, smooth user experiences.

Let's have a look at the new functionalities and  features of Odoo v16  for a better grasp of how to leverage the  advantages of Odoo 16  version over previous versions. It will help you to understand points to be considered when migrating from an older to a newer version of Odoo, if you want to upgrade from Odoo 13..., 15 to Odoo 16

Upgrade to New Odoo 16!

Accounting - Localization

Accounting - Localization

  • In the latest Odoo 16, accounting has been added for Bulgaria, Kenya, Pakistan, and Serbia.

  • Improved localization for Belgium, Colombia, Ecuador, France, etc.

  • Updated localization for Brazil, Denmark, Hungary, Philippines, etc.

odoo Smart PMS

Smart PMS

  • A smart 'Document' button for managing documents directly from tasks.

  • The side panel for Project Updates has been updated for an overview of expenses, revenues, margin,  and budget in order to track the profitability of projects. 

odoo eCommerce


  • eCommerce page loads 3.9 times faster.

  • Can upload multiple images of a product in bulk,

  • To display an item/product there are two options available now, either select grid or cols.

  • With the use of Google Place API, an autocomplete address feature is enabled during the eCommerce checkout.

odoo Knowledge Application

Knowledge Application

  • It helps to manage company knowledge.

  • Nested articles functionality

  • Efficient trash management

Types of Odoo Migration & Challenges

Odoo Version Migration Services Type:

Switching from one platform to another is called migration,  in which the software platform is being upgraded and data is moved from one environment to another for better functionalities and opportunities. There are several different scenarios for system upgradation. But when it's comes to Odoo Migration there are mainly two types, such as:

 Code Migration
 Data Migration

During the Odoo migration processes, there are several challenges were faced such as:

  Maintaining data accuracy and consistency throughout the Odoo ERP Version Migration.
  Preventing data lost through the process workflow
  Maximizing data security

Odoo Version Migration Services Type:

The basic difference between Odoo 16, v15, and Odoo 14.

Either it's Odoo Community OR Odoo Enterprise!

FAQ for Odoo ERP Upgrade Service

  • The Odoo 16 is the most fastest version ever, as every page in the backend and the website and e-commerce pages loads and renders on an average of 3.7 times quicker than previous versions.

  • The user experience is substantially improved by the new bank reconciliation widget in accounting module.

  • More streamlined inventory and manufacturing processes.

  • Single Click Installation

  • Rich Inbuilt Features

  • Easily Import/Export Master Data

  • Easy To Learn 

Yes, we can migrate your Odoo customized modules along with the latest Odoo upgrades.

The price range for Odoo Migration for small, medium, and large businesses is based on the business necessity and which type of Odoo ERP migration services they were looking for.

The every business has there different needs. So, the Odoo ERP migration process depends on their business requirements.

Moving from a certain hosting type, Odoo editions, or third-party applications/software platforms is known as Migration, While the upgradation is switching from an older version to the latest or newest versions.

There are several factors to be considered before choosing the right Odoo ERP Partner for version migration are:

  • Years of Expertise in Industry

  • Technical and Functional Proficiency

  • Odoo Experience

  • Cost and Time Management

The Caret IT is an Odoo Silver Partner with 7+ years of experience in the industry and has delivered 85+ projects to our happy clients. We own a team of talented Odoo Experts, who are available 24x7 to assist you with all your Odoo and business management issues. To discuss your requirements let's catch up on Skype at caretsoftware.

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