Equipment & Event Rental

An Effective management system is compulsory when you are running an Equipment rental business.

You need to keep the record of all the equipment you have and the number of equipment you are giving on rent.

Odoo, an Open ERP management is the perfect choice for the management of this complex business.

Odoo itself has built a platform to manage and maintain the equipment.

This platform is divided has various modules like maintenance team, equipment, equipment categories, and the maintenance stages. 

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What We Offer :

Caret IT customizes this management software for you according to your business requirements.

We add or modify different modules as the clients demand and create a new customized Odoo management system for them. 

This software will deliver you a flawless and robust performance and will take your company to a commendable height.

With help of Odoo services, you can track the usage of your product on rent and get all the information about it.

There are several rental operations carried out by Odoo. We have enlisted some of them here and they are:

  • Rental Product description

  • Provide a clear view of product availability and booking through the rental dashboard

  • Price computation based on the daily, weekly and monthly price list

  • Extract the contract with a simple procedure

  • Entry of standouts and extra days for particular rental orders

  • Monthly billing system setup

  • Product wise utilization report

  • Complete maintenance of accounts of rental products with all the entries of income and expense 

Now talking about events, there are events held in every business sectors for various purposes.

The event management is the only tool for efficient communication and preparation for the success of any event.

For assisting you with the best event management, Odoo has also stepped in the event management system. 

Odoo Events has been a helpful hand in organizing the events successfully since the year 2012. 

The Odoo Events comprises of all the important features needed by an event manager for a successful event organization.

It looks after all the functions from planning to execution and from promotions to sales. 

It works for every type of events whether it is seminar, meeting, exhibition, training or anything else.

Though Odoo Events is equipped with all the necessary modules, we often need something extra in our system.

Caret IT is always there to fulfill your demand of that extra thing. We can completely customize the Odoo Events according to your needs.

You can get the best event’s website with some attractive themes and awestruck functionalities.

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There are event forms to be filled for the registration of any event on your website, by providing all the details about the former event. The Odoo event is so smart that it will create all the further modules needed for the management of that event. You just need to fill the entries according to the requirements of the modules.

Some of the major features of Odoo events are as follows:

  • Event Order formation

  • Create a service order automatically

  • Allocate services to different users

  • Account Modules are already integrated 

  • Easy workflow

  • Eye-catching design

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