Top 10 motives why SME’s choose OpenSource ERP software.

The top ten reasons why small and medium-sized businesses choose OpenSource ERP software.


Cost-effectiveness is a reason for SME’s to implement Open source ERP compared to other paid software. Small enterprise cannot afford license costs of paid software and the Odoo ERP software is available free on the internet. 


Odoo ERP software is license free which means that you don’t need to pay license fees per user which is not the case of with any closed source ERP software. Small and medium-sized business enterprise can easily opt for end number of users without worrying about extra cost for its licensing.

Easily Customized

Enterprise process and workflows in Indian SME’s customization points in Open source ERP software can be finished problem free to satisfy up to the requirement of the business enterprise.

Fast implement

It can be implemented fast because there are a variety of modules which can be used as per the suitability of the enterprise, therefore it is quite ideal for Indian SME’s to implement Open source ERP software.

Fulfill all needs 

Open source ERP software initially to streamline the enterprise procedure as this software is available at low cost and may satisfy important needs of an enterprise.

Abilities of order processing

Open source ERP Order Processing supports both make to order and make to inventory transactions. when sales orders are entered for items specified as made to order, manufacturing orders are automatically created when the sales order is saved. The manufacturing order is related to the sales order, to facilitate component material selecting and shipping when the end item is produced and received into inventory.

Better quality

Competition between developers is common in open source software communities and this is the main drive that improves high-quality. professionals from large organizations agree that open source ERP solutions provide higher quality, because many independent, and passionate developers have looked at the solutions and contributed improvements.

Better Security

The main purpose for an open source ERP solution to be more secure is the number of participants. another purpose of security is the open source code. anybody can identify a bug or loophole and may fix it. This results in better-secured software.

 One stop solution 

Small organizations also are using multiple applications including CRM, sales, purchase etc. software to manage various departments. distinctive applications lead to distinctive vendors & software management. therefore it is great to use ERP software alternatively using the distinctive software. So, Open source ERP is a one-stop solution for organizations.

Future proof 

Open source ERP software has a massive developer community backing up the software with their own review. since with Open source ERP, you can take the assist of other developers to continue working at the same ERP system with any commercial ERP provider.


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