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12/06/2019 13:20:08 In Odoo ERP In General is a very powerful platform to use.

Odoo Implementation Cloud /On-Premise

06/06/2019 09:11:43 In Odoo ERP In General
Check out odoo implementation cloud at our platform.

Odoo Scale Up!

16/05/2019 05:06:16 In Odoo ERP In General
Odoo Provide some fun with the idea of learning something new It is Scale Up The Business Game

Odoo IoT

10/05/2019 08:51:27 In Odoo ERP In General
The Odoo IoT box helps the IoT devices to connect with Odoo. It simplifies the issues occurring during the integration of ERP software and IoT devices.

Odoo  Market Place

19/04/2019 05:55:44 In Odoo ERP In General
Caret IT is one of them. You can take guidance from Caret IT for installation of Odoo Applications on your website.

Odoo Apps and Module Development

15/04/2019 11:41:24 In Odoo ERP In General
We create a personalized Odoo ERP system that contains all the necessary odoo modules for your business and work according to your requirements.

Section, Configure Product and Notes with Odoo 12 Sales quote

The user can see the Option in sales Quotation to make a quotation attractive.

Coupons and Promotions in Odoo 12 Enterprise

One of the most important Sales strategies is to incentivize hesitant shoppers with promotional offers so that they turn into repeat customers.

How Odoo works for a Service Based Company?

09/03/2019 05:12:53 In Odoo ERP In General
Odoo ERP software will help a service-based company to manage their business and run it without any hassles.

How Odoo MRP Helpful in Textile and Fabric Industries

12/02/2019 10:29:40 In Odoo ERP In General
With Odoo ERP we know that the textile and fashion industry can leverage on managing the whole business with ease and take the company to the desired level.

22/01/2019 10:15:27 In Odoo ERP In General
Opting for a new odoo version migration, we make sure clients get improved productivity, better functioning and also increases the company ROI.

Odoo Inventory Management Software

26/12/2018 06:18:18 In Odoo ERP In General
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Odoo Inventory Management Software
It is an open source inventory system that provides you with a highly flexible and robust management of the business.

Odoo Order Automation

12/01/2018 08:08:34 In Odoo ERP In General
Odoo users can automate the order with database synchronization.

Odoo CRM Lead Automation

19/01/2018 10:38:40 In Odoo ERP In General
Odoo CRM allows you to automate the process of lead assignation based on specific criteria such as location, interests, company size, etc.

Odoo Reporting

26/01/2018 06:53:59 In Odoo ERP In General